The biggest city in Kentucky, there are plenty of reasons people love to live, work, and play in Derby City. Whether you’re a new grad, looking to land a job in the tech industry, or just enjoy affordable life with some southern charm, Louisville is the place to be.


Whether you’re looking to study in or relocate to Louisville or are new to the area, here are some great reasons to love Louisville.


Life is affordable in Louisville


Let’s cut to the chase, we’ve all learned over the past few years that affordability is tops when it comes to living anywhere, and Louisville is affordable. According to Forbes, Louisville’s cost of living is 7% lower than the national average. For instance, the median home price is $180,000 while the median income is just under $57,000 a year. Combine this with a below-average unemployment rate of 3.6%, and you can’t lose.


Louisville is great for grads


Speaking of the city’s affordability, Louisville is great for recent college graduates. As ranked by SmartAsset, Louisville ranked among the top ten best cities for college graduates due to its affordability, but that’s not all. According to the report, recent grads starting their new career tend to get paid more, with the average student starting at more than $49,000 a year—that’s the most of any city on the report’s list.


Be energy efficient in Louisville


Speaking of grads, one important issue many young adults hold deer today is being energy efficient, both for the economy and for the environment. Louisville ranked top among the EPA’s top midsize cities for most Energy Star certified buildings, which cuts on energy expenses as well as pollution.


Enjoy Google Fiber in Louisville


Whether it comes to being the most productive at the office, playing lag-free online games, or you just really enjoy a smooth Netflix binge, fast internet speed is a must—and you don’t get much faster than Google Fiber. Fortunately, Louisville is one of twelve Google Fiber cities in America. So you can do all the above and more in blazing fast time.


Putting the Derby in Derby City


Louisville is home to not just one of the oldest sporting traditions in American history, but the oldest sporting tradition in American history. Going back to 1875, the Kentucky Derby has offered us the most intense two minutes of sports for more than 140 years. Today, you can enjoy the large beautiful hats, mint juleps, and a rousing verse of “My Old Kentucky Home” as fans and residents have for decades!


Louisville has bourbon—and beer


Sure, everyone knows that Kentucky has the best bourbon, but could you believe that Louisville is getting known for its beer? For example, Louisville has more than a third of Kentucky’s total craft breweries. We recommend you checkout the Kentucky Craft Bash to experience more than 100 different varieties of craft beers!


Derby City is full of fun, and culture, and we recommend you check it out for yourself to get the full effect of Louisville, and you can make us a part of the experience!


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