Houston is consistently among the fastest growing cities in the country, and for good reason. So, if you’re one of the tens of thousands considering relocating the Houston metro, here are X things that may tip the scale for your relocation.

1. Houston is primed for economic growth

According to Bussing Facilities Magazine, Houston is the top metro for economic growth potential. And before you think it’s only known for Big Oil, you better think again. Houston is home to more than 140 tech startups, ranks second in manufacturing GDP in the country, and is even home to the Texas Medical Center, the largest medical complex in the world.

2. Houston is considered the best city for millennials

If you’re a young professional, the first point alone my have you interested, but Houston also is the best city for millennials according to the Langston Co. The study focuses on a number of topics held important to this generation, including everything from access to nature to salary potential. Overall, Houston came out on top, earning high spots in overall in diversity, everyday expenses, income taxes, salaries, amenities for kids, and the top spot in overall value.

3. Houston is incredibly diverse

Among the reasons Houston is so popular with millennials is its diversity. In fact, WalletHub ranks Houston the most diverse city in America, mostly ranking high with its cultural and religious diversity. In fact, Houston was also ranked the best city for expats, only increasing the wonderful diversity of this city.

4. The Houston Nightlife

As with most major metropolitan areas go, Houston is full of nightlife and hotspots. If you want to check out local favorites, be sure to checkout Z on 23 Rooftop Bar and its breathtaking view of the city, Loft18 Houston and its fun golf simulations, or Axelrad with its fun atmosphere and kid-friendly vibes during hte day.

5. Houston is the place to go and eat.

According to Food & Wine, Houston is the No. 2 city to go and eat in. Not only that, but the article shows Houston to be a clear threat the No. 1 city (Los Angeles.) Not only is the cooking amazing, but it’s also accessible, claiming that, “In houston, the whole world is next door.”

Locals recommend the Bird Haus chicken shop, Gen Korean BBQ House for asian cuisine, or MOD Pizza for a night out with friends.

 Now these are just a few reasons to move in Houston. We didn’t even get into Houston’s amazing housing market for new homes or inviting cost of living. Do you live in Houston, what do you think is a reason people should move there?

And should you find yourself answering the call to move to Houston, or perhaps live there now, click here to learn how Houston self storage can help with any and all space needs you may have.

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