Nestled in the heartland of Missouri & Kansas sits Kansas City, which is widely known for its contribution to Jazz and Blues musics as well as its famous Kansas City Barbecue—but there are so many more reasons to love Kansas City.

Whether you’re one of the many moving into the City of Fountains or just want to visit The Fountain City, there are many reasons to stay and enjoy yourself. Here are a few:

Overland Park is the best place to raise a family

Whether early or later in life, most people at some point in time want to raise a family. Thankfully, the Kansas City Metropolitan Area is home to Overland Park, the best place to raise a family. According to a report from WalletHub, Overland Park earned the title with a particularly high ranking in affordability with one of the lowest percentages of families living in poverty, some of the most affordable housing, and the highest ranking median family income.

Overland Park is even recognized among those not yet having families as it’s also among one of the most popular cities where Millennials are relocating.

Kansas City is great for business—almost any business

We’re not kidding, over the past few years Kansas City has pulled in some major recognition from a variety of industries, from the best place to live and work as a movie maker, to a growing tech hot spot, to one of the most promising places to open a restaurant, and KC is even recognized as one of the top U.S. cities for clean energy jobs.

Get a lot of bang with a lot of buck in KC

All those jobs we mentioned earlier also come in handy when they pay more and the cost of living is way less. Kansas City ranks second among the top 10 cities with high-paying jobs and low cost of living, with an average annual income being just over $69,000 and the median rent being just under $1,100 a month. That, plus a roughly $20,000 cost of annual necessities, and you can really save up or spend big.

Let’s talk Kansas City Barbecue

Kansas City-style barbecue is rubbed with spices and slow-smoked over a variety of woods, and an integral part of all KC-style barbecue is a thick tomato-based sauce. You’ll find almost any kind of meat used in KC barbecue, but burnt ends are definitely a must. If you’re unfamiliar, burnt ends are the crusty, fatty, and flavorful meat cut from the point of a smoked beef brisket. While there are hundreds of amazing barbecue joints around KC, locals recommend favorite hotspots such as Q39 – Midtown, Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que, and Jack Stack Barbecue.

Honestly, this list can go on and on, and these are only a few of the many reasons you’ll love life in Kansas City. We recommend you check out more of the city’s rating and awards, experience KC for yourself, and share with us why you love Kansas City! And if you’re looking to move into the Fountain City, let us help!

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