Today I saw one of the worst, yet most entertaining, repurposing ideas that I have ever seen on the Internet: an old CD holder turned bagel transporter. I want to hate it. Yet, I find myself kind of loving it.

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Photo Credit: 50 Creative Ways to Repurpose, Reuse and Upcycle Old Things

These are the types of upcycling (recycling UP) concepts that make others seem even more genius. There are good, bad, and ugly repurposed storage and decoration ideas that have passed my computer lately. I would like to share them with you. You will be glad you checked them out.

Let’s start with the ugly, shall we?


Almost everything repurposed from an old computer tower can fit in the ugly category. I have seen them turned into mailboxes, barbecues, and as a beverage machine. Just… no.

Let’s be honest, anything reusing an old toilet bowl is not only ugly, but it is pretty gross. Like these toilet bowl flowerpots. I have no words.

Two words: beer bottles. Now, I know that you could probably send me a dozen ideas for hip objects from upcycled beer bottles, but we are just going to have to agree to disagree. Check out these melted beer bottles turned into plates for sushi and my case will be rested.


Maybe these ideas aren’t necessarily ugly, but the cost vs. benefit is just not strong enough to call them “good” repurposing/upcycling.

The old television set: still available at your Aunt Ida’s house and thrift stores nationwide. Turn the TV into a bulky sleeping spot for your dog or cat. Because they need to have a bed that takes up a huge space of your home. I will admit that a television turned bar is not horrible, but I still think the safety and cost of upcycling this is not beneficial enough.

And then there is the repurposer’s old stand-by: the wood pallet. I cannot deny that there are some pretty great and attractive objects that people have made from old wood pallets. There are also some pretty convincing arguments as to why these pallets are unsafe, from their exposure to water, insects, and bird droppings to the possibility of chemicals and formaldehyde contained within the wood. Overall, using wood pallets inside your home can be considered a bad idea. Better safe than sorry.


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Photo Credit: Crib to Chalkboard Easel Tutorial

These empty and label-free Crystal Light containers were glued together to make a stylish marker display. Old plastic containers typically look like old plastic containers, no matter how you manipulate them, but this object looks like a modern store display.

Old cribs might be deemed unsafe for a baby to sleep in, but it is safe to say that they can be used for chic storage. Check out this quilt display or this cute chalkboard.

Windows and doors no longer used as, well, windows and doors, can be made into tables, bookshelves, message boards, headboards, benches, picture displays, a pot rack, desk, and so on. Go to and type the words “upcycle door” into the search field. Ta Dah!

Do you upcycle? What are the best repurposed ideas you have seen for storage uses? What are the worst? Anything downright ugly?

Anna Macfarlane

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