RV storage facilities provide an easy solution for people who want to enjoy a roving lifestyle without the hassle of long-term upkeep. Although many people can (and do) successfully store their RVs at home, a vehicle-sized storage unit provides an easy and affordable solution for the long term.

Here are a few reasons why RV storage at a storage facility near you could save you time, money, and space.

  • rv-storageLess Damage: Although RVs are built to withstand the elements, it’s not good for any vehicle to be parked outdoors for a long period of time. If you live in an area with high humidity, extreme temperatures (either in the summer or the winter), lots of rainfall, or other elemental concerns, it’s a good idea to get that RV under wraps during the off-season.
  • More Security: Because storage facilities are designed to be secure against thieves and predators, they provide an extra layer of protection. At home, any security measures you want taken are entirely up to you. At a storage facility, you get electronic pass-code entry, security cameras, locked fences, individual security unit alarms, and even on-site staff to keep an eye on things while you’re away.
  • More Room: Storing an RV at home can be tricky. Unless you have a very large garage or ample yard space, you might be restricted in your options. Many homeowners associations prevent you from parking on the street, and keeping an RV in the driveway can make everyday coming and going a bit tricky.
  • Convenient Access: One of the great things about an RV is their portability—you can go anywhere with road access and enjoy a great time. By choosing a storage facility near some of your favorite destinations, the lake, or even major roadways, you can get even more convenience out of your RV storage.
  • Options in Sizes: No two RVs are the same size, which is why it’s nice to know that you have just as many options in storage unit sizes. Most RVs can fit inside a 300 square foot space, and, if that doesn’t work, most storage facilities offer both indoor and outdoor options in varying sizes for you to choose from.

For most people, owning a recreational vehicle is a chance to get out and explore new places without spending a lot of money for air travel and hotels—and also to enjoy a level of comfort similar to what you experience in your own home.

But don’t let your dream of seeing the world get in the way of your regular life. Keep your recreational vehicle safe, damage-free, and out of the way at a storage facility. With low monthly costs and flexible leases that allow you to pick and choose your storage needs, you can store your RV offsite for a lot less than you think.