Whenever you’re changing homes, you have a lot to think about. Let Storage.com help you navigate the process with tips on buying, selling, or renting, or with some additional space to help along the way.

FACT: The area you’re researching isn’t cheap to live in.

OPINION: It doesn’t make much sense to rent living space for things you use for small stretches throughout the year.

Space is hard to come by in New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago, Seattle, or whatever city you’re currently researching. Therefore, it’s expensive. And the more living space you need, the more expensive it becomes.

SOLUTION: Don’t rent a larger living space just to have the space to store:

  • Holiday decorations
  • Your clothes for the full year
  • Baby clothes/equipment/furniture that is currently unused
  • Anything not being used right now that you still need
  • Anything seasonal

Instead, rent far more affordable storage space to handle this. Even in the most expensive places to live, 5×5 storage units go for as low as $40 to $60 a month.