SiteLink User Conference Reaches New Heights

This year, SiteLink reached new heights at their User Conference in Las Vegas. Over 500 storage owners, managers, and partners attended this weekend conference. During the conference, SiteLink provided valuable insight into their software to help SiteLink get the most out of the software and improve operational efficiency.

While some attendees of this year’s conference might have traveled a significant distance from within the United States, others traveled even further. Operators from Australia, Asia, Latin America, and Europe made their way to Las Vegas to attend the conference.

“This year’s conference outweighed all other conferences,” said Dallas Dogger, a representative of SiteLink International.

During the 2014 User Conference, SiteLink also unveiled a re-branded logo, which can be seen here. The new logo was designed to show how SiteLink helps operators by automating the daily operations that are part of running a storage facility.

At this year’s conference, SiteLink users were able to better understand the ways that they can get even more out of using the SiteLink property management software. A panel of industry experts and SiteLink users discussed customer experience, software enhancements, and even provided demonstrations. SiteLink partners demonstrated the benefits of integrating their products/services with SiteLink, and SiteLink technicians did question-and-answer sessions to help attendees learn more about their software.

“Our User Conference grows quickly because we listen to our customers,” said Markus Hecker, Chief Operating Officer at SiteLink. “We invited SiteLink users to share real-world scenarios; the attendees responded well to many tips they are ready to implement.”

“The new format of the User Conference was so valuable. Having the storage operators demonstrate SiteLink’s software added great value, and it showed me how to easily implement new features into my operation. I recommend this conference to everyone in the business.” said Dawn Tangvald, President of Northwest Self Storage.

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