Oakland, is one of the largest cities in both the San Francisco Bay Area and the state of California as a whole. Known for having a bit of a rough reputation, Oak Town does offer a lot of great opportunities. That being said, we hope this list of things you might not know will help you take a look at the beauty of Oakland.

1. Oakland is diverse

By comparison of cities of a similar size, Oakland is the second most diverse city in the United States. Even without comparison to city size, it still ranks among the top ten most diverse cities according to the WalletHub report. It is also ranks highest for ethnoracial diversity. In a time where people strive for diversity, this point can make Oakland a great place to live.

2 Women’s Pay is high in Oakland.

According to SmartAsset, Oakland ranks among the best cities for women’s pay. According to the report, the median salary for women has increased by 14% since 2015. In fact, the median earnings for women is actually higher than men, meaning women’s earning as a percent of men’s in Oakland is the highest of any city in their study. 

3. Sustainability is important to Oakland

Coming in behind neighboring San Francisco and fellow west coast city Seattle, Oakland is the third most sustainably powered city in the United States, receiving high marks for being biker and walker friendly, use of solar energy, and particularly large amounts of EV charging stations.

4. Take your bike in Oakland

Mentioned above, Oakland ranks among the top twenty bike-friendly cities according to Bicycling.com. The city has recently hired the guy who worked to make New York City bike-friendly. Still working on improving, the city seeks to create more (and safer) bike lanes and create its own department of transportation. The end goal is to catch up with nearby San Francisco.

5. Enjoying Oakland coffee

Believe it or not, Oakland has coffee to rival San Francisco, coming in among the top 20 best cities for coffee lovers according to WalletHub. It even ties with San Francisco for having the most coffee and tea manufacturers per capita. And if you’re looking for suggestions, locals love spots such as the 85℃ Bakery Cafe and its famous mochi tarts, the entirely vegan Snow White Cafe, or the community-centered Hasta Muerte Coffee, just to name a few.

6. Start a business in Oakland

With so many other reasons to check out Oakland, why not through in some economic incentives? Oakland is poised to grow, and that includes in business, coming in among the top 20 cities to start a business according to WalletHub. With notably high marks in business environment and access to resources, Oak Town provides great opportunities for new entrepreneurs looking to strike it big in a large metro.

These are just a few things worth checking out about Oakland, but we highly recommend you go and see more for yourself. Should you find something you want to share, please let us know in the comments!

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