Connecticut Storage Facility Donates Space to Local Youth Council

Westy Self Storage of Wilton, Conn., has offered the Wilton Youth Council free storage space to hold and prepare decorations for the annual Post Graduation Party. The event has been sponsored yearly by the council since 1987 in support of the Wilton Class Projects, which is a division of the Wilton Youth Council.

The Class Projects give the parents and teens of each individual class drug and alcohol-free social events each year. With the party each year, the Youth Council wants to provide a safe environment for students to celebrate their graduation while giving parents an opportunity to meet, network, and support one another in dealing effectively with adolescent issues.

The party takes place at Middlebrook School, where volunteers will completely overhaul different areas of the school, making them almost unrecognizable to the graduating seniors.

Joe Schweyer, District Director of Westy Self Storage in Wilton, said, “We are happy to assist with The Wilton Class Projects…We put forth great effort and pride when supporting the communities are fortunate to be a part of.”

Source: Wilton Bulletin