Photo via Jamz196 on flickr
Photo via Jamz196 on flickr

Summer birthday parties for kids are all about vibrant colors, staying cool and having fun, fun, fun! All of that can be accomplished on a budget. You may even be able to skip the expensive party supply store.

Follow the links below for directions on DIY birthday projects you can handle! You’ll find ideas for chilly treats, creative centerpieces and endearing party favors that won’t cost much at all.

Thrifty and Cool Treats

  • Perhaps nothing says summer like watermelon, and you can include all the lively colors of watermelon in a fun dessert! Watermelon pops are actually strawberry-flavored delights made with Jell-O, whipped topping and cream cheese, plus chocolate chip “seeds.” These refrigerated treats are created in paper cups with ingredients you can easily find at grocery stores.
  • Make your party pop with frozen Sprite and gummy bear popsicles! These colorful, cool and inexpensive gummy bear pops will be a hit. If you already have popsicle molds, you’re set to make many affordable popsicles this summer. If you need to stock up, you can find inexpensive, BPA-free popsicle molds that allow you to use your own sticks (instead of a built-in handle). And that’s very handy if you’re making a lot of popsicles to store!
  • Frozen chocolate banana pops are healthy and fun. And you won’t have to go too bananas. Each banana will yield two round banana pops. Frozen banana pops are easy, with no mold required! If you’d rather have a longer, flatter banana pop, cut your bananas lengthwise. If you’re looking for a nut-free garnish for this treat, there are plenty of options, including colorful sprinkles or toasted coconut.

Tip: To store your frozen treats, layer them between sheets of wax paper or plastic wrap, and place them in an airtight plastic storage container, which you, of course, store in the freezer! Or, if you’d prefer, place your treats in individual freezer bags.

Masterful, yet Affordable Centerpieces

  • Make an edible candy centerpiece. With so many colorful candy options, it will be easy to coordinate a centerpiece with your party’s color scheme. Layer a clear bowl or vase with colorful candy treats like gumballs, jellybeans, Lemonheads or sour worms. Add a big spoon or plastic shovel so kids can dig for their favorites! If you’d rather have a more organized look, try brown jelly beans in a clear bowl with sour worms on top, or gumball flower bouquets in a vase.
  • Create your own DIY cupcake stand. Using a few simple materials, you can construct your own sturdy cupcake stand, complete with your choice of ribbon for edging the tiers. Fill your custom cupcake stand with homemade cupcakes.

Sweet, not Pricey Party Flavors

  • Wrap individual pieces of sidewalk chalk in wax paper and twist the ends. Your sidewalk chalk party favors will look like delicious candy, but will provide lots of outdoor fun. You may want to tell young children not to eat these favors, or reserve them for slightly older kids.
  • Give away Kool-Aid packets with a recipe attached for making Kool-Aid play dough. Even if kids skip the play dough, they still have a refreshing summer drink to make.
  • Kids always appreciate a new toy, especially when school is out for the summer. Send them home with a yarn-covered animal! (Don’t worry. It’s not the type of animal that requires feeding.) To make this fun party favor, you’ll need a bag of small plastic animals and some nubby yarn.

Enjoy planning your summer birthday party for kids. I hope all of your popsicles are lovely, your centerpieces enchanting, and your party favors perfectly crafted!

What is your favorite frozen treat to serve for summer birthday parties? Have you made any fun DIY birthday party centerpieces?


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