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9 Things to Know About Living in Plano

People who move to Plano know it’s a hidden treasure of Texas. Use this helpful city guide to learn all you need to know when moving to Plano.

Top Texas Cities & Why People Are Moving There

Job opportunities, low cost of living, and the cowboy lifestyle are just some of the reasons why people are permanently setting up camp in Texas. Learn why the good folks in Texas are residing in Mission, Irving, Edinburg, Austin, and Pharr.

10 Best Cities for College Internships

Internships are a necessary part of the college life that will help you in your search for your next job. If you’re willing to pack up and move in order to get the internship of your dreams, then you ought to check out this list of the ten best cities where you just might land that perfect internship. Who knows, maybe it will turn into a full-time job!

9 Attractions to Visit After You Move to Amarillo

So, you’ve already moved to the Yellow Rose of Texas. What now? We know! How about visiting these nine awesome must-see attractions in Amarillo? You might as well do all the tourist-y things and become the city guide yourself for when you have visitors!

12 Things to Know Before Moving to Dallas, Texas

Dallas is huge. No, really, it’s one of the top ten largest U.S. cities. That being said, you’ll need a city guide to help you get acquainted with this Texas city.  Here are 12 things to know about Dallas before you move there.