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The 7 Stages of Moving Day as Told in GIFs


By Vince Mancuso, Storage.com

Moving day is here, and while there is an adventure on the horizon waiting for you at your new home, first you have to get through this difficult day. Outside of the stress of packing and unpacking all your things, this day can potentially be filled with organizing your belongings, the manual labor of lifting and hauling, and the ever-present fear of something going wrong.

With so much going on, bad and good, you’re going to go through a cycle of emotions today. But don’t worry, everything is going to turn out ok in the end. Just remember the seven stages of moving day.


You stare down the endless horde of boxes of carefully packed dishes, neatly folded clothes, and the hurriedly tossed contents of your junk drawer, and you have a moment of panic.

Will Ferrell Anchorman regret

Before you lose yourself, do one thing: take a breath. You’ve marked boxes, planned for your new home, and have friends and family on their way. You’ve even got a coupon for post-move pizza. In short, you’ve got this.

Liz Lemon saying Let's Do This


Those days of lifting five-pound dumbbells are put to the test, and while you may not be in agonizing pain, the muscles start to ache and soon you’re exhausted.

R2D2 from Star Wars falling over

We’ve got four words for you: hand truck, snack break. Be sure to always lift with your legs, do what you can to lighten your load, and always have some healthy snacks within arm’s reach.

parks and recreation chris pratt eating food for energy


Bumping into each other, sweat rolling, and the ever-present risk of something breaking—few things test the limits of emotions and friendship like hours of packing up a moving truck.

angry cat in the hat

Before reaching full-blown Hulk mode, now’s the time to do something fun. We suggest gathering your crew, cranking up the music, and having a short dance break. Point is, you need to add some fun.

Michael Scott from the Office dancing


The truck is packed and your friends are making their way to the new house to unload, leaving you to give your former home one last look-through. Sure, you think you’re looking for any forgotten items, but you’re really just lost in your thoughts and memories.

spongebob squarepants lonely and sad drinking coffee

Yeah, it’s sad seeing a place where you’ve lived now empty, but before you lose yourself to nostalgia, remember this: it’s not the place that makes the memories, it’s you and your loved ones who do.

joey hugs chandler from friends


With one last goodbye to the old place, you hit the road for your new home. The drive is a breath of fresh air and a break from all the work of moving. As the name of this stage suggests, things are starting to look up. May we suggest rolling down the windows while belting out your favorite ’90s hip-hop?

friends riding in car together


You had your break, and there’s still work to be done, so now it’s time to take on the next challenge of creating your home in a new house. Get to it!

cleaning the house to music

The best part about this stage in moving is that you can mix things up and try those crazy things you never thought you could get away with in your last place.

turk saying there is silverware in the pancake drawer


The final step in moving may not always come on moving day, but it will come. Before long, you’ll find yourself completely comfortable in being your goofy self in your home.

tom cruise dancing in risky business

It doesn’t take too long, but the stages of moving can still be a vicious cycle of emotions. Give yourself a pat on the back, you’ve survived.

Neil Patrick Harris gives self five

Now enjoy your new home!

seinfeld friends happy dance


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Home Moving Moving Tips, Tricks, & Resources Relocating? Use Self Storage While You Find a New Home

Relocating? Use Self Storage While You Find a New Home


By Vince Mancuso, Storage.com

Storage.com is your number one ally when moving to a new home. We’re here to provide you with useful moving tips and hacks, or additional storage whenever necessary.

Are you relocating before you have a new home lined up?  It’s not uncommon to need a temporary place to store your household goods while you complete the details of a move, including starting a new job, selling your old home, finding a new home, or waiting for a new lease to start.

Self storage is the answer when you find yourself between homes while relocating. Rent a storage unit to store your possessions until you can move into your new home.

man and woman moving items into a truck

How to Plan Storage When Relocating

Once you know your moving date, you can search for a storage facility with a suitable unit and reserve it for your moving date.

Finding a Storage Facility: Rather than calling all over to track down storage facilities where you’re moving, use our website to search for available storage in any location in the U.S. and reserve a unit online in minutes!

Selecting a Move-In Date: It might seem convenient to move in on the weekend when you don’t have work, but it’s also convenient for everyone else. If possible, pick a weekday when the facility will be relatively empty so you won’t be tripping over other tenants.

Helpful Storage Features When Moving

Planning self storage for moving is a matter of finding the right unit size and much more. Look for these key storage features:

moving boxes into a storage unitUnit Size: Are you relocating from an apartment? If so, chances are a 10×15 storage unit will be enough space to hold all of your stuff. Capable of holding the contents of three bedrooms, it can handle furniture, boxes, and any appliances you may be moving. For those relocating from a house, depending on the size, you’ll likely want to find a 10×20 or a 10×30 storage unit. For more information, use our unit size guide to determine how large of a unit you may need.

Flexible Lease: Hopefully your transition won’t last long, and you can find the ideal new home fairly quickly. Look for a storage facility that will give you a flexible, short-term lease on a weekly or monthly basis so that you don’t have to pay for storage longer than you need it.

Drive-Up Access: Does the storage facility you’re looking at have wide-drive aisles so your moving truck or trailer can fit? Does your storage unit have drive-up access for easy loading and unloading? The wide-drive aisles and drive-up access features makes your moving experience all the easier, so be sure to use these storage amenities during your relocation.

Climate Control: If you’re going to be moving to a hot and humid climate in the summer, find a storage facility that offers climate control. This feature maintains moderate temperature and humidity levels in your storage unit. It’s important to protect sensitive items, like wood furniture, electronics, books, and more, that may warp or become damaged during their stay in a muggy and overheated storage unit.

Facility Security: Lastly, and most importantly, find a storage facility with excellent security features so you’ll know your things are safe while in storage. While basic security such as gated access is great, be sure to look for more advanced amenities like video surveillance, onsite management, and alarmed units, especially if you’re unfamiliar with neighborhoods in your new locale.

Moving into a Storage Unit

Just like packing up boxes at home, how you go about packing your storage unit can also save you work and energy later on. Channeling your inner Tetris star, start by placing your largest items—couches, beds, tables, and appliances—toward the back of the unit. You won’t be needing these items while they’re in storage, so it makes sense to keep them out of the way.

At the same time, place the items you may need to get to closer to the door of your unit, like additional clothes or documents you may be storing. If space allows, it will also pay to leave an aisle in the center of your belongings, as it will make it easier access other items that are stored away.

Once all of your things are safely stowed away, you’ve got one less thing to worry about, meaning you can focus your attention on finding your new home! When you do find your new home, your storage unit will have everything ready and waiting to be loaded back up for its final destination. ​


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