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Talented people from all over the world have set up shop on Etsy, and the items to browse through are limitless. If you’re not sure where to begin your search, you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled a master list of the best Etsy shops in every single category.

Feel free to browse all of the categories below, or skip ahead to your favorite ones:

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marvel mobile
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If you are looking for a personalized baby gift for an upcoming baby shower or want to find a special keepsake for your own little one, finding the perfect baby gift isn’t hard to do on Etsy. There are a number of Etsy vendors that offer customized baby blankets, clothes, toys, and even shoes! Check out a handful of our favorite Etsy shops that specialize in creating those one-of-a-kind keepsakes.

The Best Etsy Shops for Baby Clothes

The Best Etsy Shops for Baby Shoes

The Best Etsy Shops for Baby Blankets

The Best Etsy Shops for Baby Accessories

The Best Etsy Shops for Baby Toys

  • Little Sapling Toys: This Etsy shop has been making modern wooden toys since 2008 and specializes in eco-friendly wooden toys and teething rings. Their best seller is the personalized blocks.
  • 3Princesses Store: This Canada-based Etsy shop specializes in wooden baby rattles, wands, and teething toys. Their best seller is the personalized wooden phones.
  • House Mountain Natural: This Etsy shop has been in business since May 2011 and specializes in environmentally-friendly sensory and sorting toys. Their best seller is the Montessori-inspired Little Stacker toy. The multi-colored wooden rings are painted with a soy-based paint.
  • Freja Toys: This Ukraine-based Etsy shop specializes in crocheted toys, teething rings, and nursing necklaces. One of their most popular items is the trio nursing necklace.

The Best Etsy Shops for Baby Room Decor

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via Saressa Designs

Are you looking for a specific color or style of jewelry to go with your new outfit or prom dress? Look no further than Etsy to find exactly what you are looking for. Many of the jewelry vendors on Etsy take custom orders and are more than happy to assist you with a personalized design. Check out a few of our favorite places on Etsy that offer one-of-a-kind designs and styles.

The Best Etsy Shops for Body Jewelry

The Best Etsy Shops for Bracelets

The Best Etsy Shops for Cuff Links and Tie Clips

The Best Etsy Shops for Earrings

The Best Etsy Shops for Necklaces

The Best Etsy Shops for Rings

  • Spiffing Jewelry: This California-based Etsy shop specializes in handstamped jewelry and gifts. One of their most requested items are the stacking rings.
  • Gizmos Treasures: This Etsy shop has been in business since 2009 and specializes in stacking rings. Their best seller is their birthstone stacking rings.
  • OhKuol: This Canada-based Etsy shop has been making jewelry since 2009 and specializes in handmade gemstone jewelry and stacking rings. One of their most requested items is the black rutile quartz ring.
  • Elea Jewelry: This Etsy shop has almost 10,000 sales since opening in 2014. This shop specializes in dainty and personalized jewelry. One of their best sellers is the rose gold statement ring.
  • Tiny Box 12: This Portugal-based Etsy shop has been in business since September 2012 and specializes in opal and turquoise body jewelry. Their best seller is the raw opal ring.


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via LittleSofteeShoppe

Are you into DIY crafts like sewing, scrapbooking, and textile art? If so, Etsy is the perfect place to find the latest tutorials, materials, and patterns to help you achieve the look you are going for with your latest project. Much like the jewelry vendors on Etsy, the craft supply vendors are more than happy to assist you when it comes to creating a specific design, color, or sign. With thousands of sales and satisfied customer reviews, check out our favorite Etsy craft supply vendors that we mentioned below.

The Best Etsy Shops for Fiber and Textile Art Supplies

  • Cloud Craft Shop: This England-based Etsy shop specializes in wool felt sheets and stitching supplies. They have been in business since July 2011 and have a five-star rating. Their best seller is the 100% wool felt sheets.
  • Dyeabolical Yarns: This Etsy shop specializes in dyed yarns and fibers. They have been in business since 2007 and have more than 5,000 sales. The most popular orders in this Etsy shop come from the “dyed to order section.” The most popular colors are blood orange and the “Christmas is coming” pattern.
  • Fashion Touch Supplies: This Canada-based Etsy shop has been in business since 2012 and specializes in wool roving, yarn, fiber for spinning, and beads. One of their most requested items is the autumn hand painted yarn that comes in shades of teal, orange, and brown.
  • Crochet Objet: This Israel-based Etsy shop has been selling yarn and other fabrics since March 2012. One of their most requested items is the ready-to-ship yarn that can be ordered in a variety of sizes.

The Best Etsy Shops for Scrapbooking Supplies

The Best Etsy Shops for Sewing and Needlecraft Supplies

The Best Etsy Shops for Food Craft Supplies

The Best Etsy Shops for Jewelry and Beading Supplies

The Best Etsy Shops for Patterns and Tutorials

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vintage jewelry
via Maejean Vintage

With so many fantastic vintage shops on Etsy, why would you ever need to buy new things again? These folks scour estate sales, refurbish, and repurpose to make what was old and unused into a new and nostalgic addition to your vintage collection.

The Best Etsy Shops for Vintage Women’s Clothing

  • Shop Exile: This L.A.-based company sells vintage clothes in all sizes from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. Their specialties are band tees, flannels, jackets, and dresses. This Satin Baseball Jacket is on many Etsy user’s wishlist.
  • persephonevintage: This shop has a mix of vintage pieces (mostly from the 70s and 80s) and ‘reconstructed’ pieces – garments that have been modified slightly to compliment a modern wardrobe. Summer best sellers included reconstructed harem jumpsuits, and this season has already seen a spike in sales of oversized wool coats.
  • Allen Co: Based in Pennsylvania, Kristina sells tops, bottoms, dresses, and menswear. Her popular items are tops and sweaters.
  • Small Earth Vintage: Focused on mid-century pieces, Karen and Andy offer fine vintage clothing for smart moderns. Customers are a fan of this floral dress.
  • Aorta Apparel: Established in 2006 in Lincoln, Neb., Aorta Apparel is founded on the belief that you should wear what makes you smile. Etsy users find their vintage grey leather coat to be a favorite.

The Best Etsy Shops for Vintage Men’s Clothing

The Best Etsy Shops for Vintage Children’s Clothing

  • Willow’s Room: If you’re looking for vintage ranging from Victorian right through to the 70s and 80s, check out this shop based in England. Alex sells vintage girls and boys clothing, such as this little girls trench coat.
  • Vintage Pod: Rachel considers her shop to be one-in-a-million, and we agree. Favorited by 70s clothing lovers is this vintage wedding dress.
  • Heritage Baby Wardobe: Mom, wife, and pitbull lover, Kerry, adores vintage baby clothing. And with a dress like this, we’re on board!
  • Resouled Gypsy: This shop sells vintage apparel and accessories for everyone in the family, but one of their most popular categories is their children’s clothes and toys section. They find pieces that are rare and hard to find, especially in children’s sizes. This vintage Marvel tee is a popular gem.

The Best Etsy Shops for Vintage Art and Collectibles

  • grandmothersattic: Elizabeth Young has been selling vintage ephemera, books, and holiday decor on Etsy for nearly eight years now. Her vintage wares have even decorated the sets of TV shows and movies including Mad Men and Arrested Development. If you’re looking for that one special book or some piece of a cherished childhood memory, grandmothersattic is a great place to start looking.
  • Third shift – Third Shift has a little bit of everything. They specialize in vintage and industrial items, like old streets signs or vintage Christmas decor. This store’s inventory is constantly changing, but best-selling items include vintage sign letters and numbers.
  • Home and Homme: Dean and Mary-Moore’s shop is an eclectic mix folk art, mid-century vintage, and modern. But we fell most in love with their ‘game room‘ section, which is chock-full of vintage board games and toys, with some items dating all the way back to the 19th century.

The Best Etsy Shops for Vintage Accessories

The Best Etsy Shops for Vintage Bags and Purses

  • Piece 4 U: Dana Elfort’s shop supports her belief that vintage is never out of fashion. Her evening bags are a popular choice!
  • Digital Green Vintage: This shop based in France offers vintage accessories from the 70s and 80s. Their best-selling items are their crossbody bags and purses.
  • Bad Baby Vintage: Owner Jamie can’t imagine doing anything else but finding high-quality vintage accessories. The condition of these purses are worth every penny!
  • 1000 Crows: Yvette of 1000 Crows considers herself a ‘vintage generalist,’ carrying hundreds of one-of-a-kind treasures to fill your home. But we fell particularly in love with this shop’s luggage, bags, and wallets.

The Best Etsy Shops for Vintage Craft Supplies and Tools

The Best Etsy Shops for Vintage Home and Living

The Best Etsy Shops for Vintage Jewelry

  • MaejeanVintage: Laura and Amanda of MaejeanVintage specialize in fine and costume jewelry from the Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, and Mid-Century periods. Rings are one of their most popular items, with over 600 in their shop and several added daily. Trend-spotters may be interested in their increasingly popular Victorian rings.
  • Antique Jewelry Supply: While this shop offers a variety of antique and vintage goodies, their name is a dead giveaway as to what their hottest item is. Charms, rings, lockets, bracelets – they’ve got it all, and from a wide range of time periods.
  • Vintage Lane Jewelry: Open since 2012, Lisa sells unique vintage, antique, and estate costume jewelry. Top sellers include necklaces and jewelry sets.

The Best Etsy Shops for Vintage Toys and Games

  • DerBayz Collectibles: More than the shop itself, Adele of DerBayz Collectibles loves being able to bring joy to her customers by selling meaningful, hard-to-find vintage items. Her best selling items are children’s toys. Adele has sold antiques to quite a few notable institutions including the New York Ballet and ABC.
  • Mike’s Vintage Toys and Collectibles: Mike opened up shop on Etsy two years ago, and his business has grown so fast, he’s opening a brick and mortar store as well. He’s an expert on nearly all vintage toys, but his best-selling items are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Heman, and Star Wars merchandise.
  • Vintage Out Loud: A shop run by two sisters and their mom, this vintage shop has a little bit of everything. But toys are by far their most popular items. One of the larger categories in their shop, the toys section has everything from vintage Pez dispensers to antique doll clothes.

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via Sugar Shack

While sifting through the hidden treasures on Etsy is highly entertaining in itself, these entertainment shops have everything you could possibly imagine to entertain you, your friends, your family, and everyone on your holiday shopping list.

The Best Etsy Shops for Books

The Best Etsy Shops for Music

  • Draw Me a Song: This shop based in France puts music to paper with their hand-drawn lyrical art pieces. The most popular piece by far is her Single Ladies Dance wall art.
  • Handmade Straps: Looking for a unique strap for your guitar, camera, banjo, mandolin, or ukulele? Look right here at Handmade Straps! A popular ukulele strap is this Hawaiian-themed beauty.
  • Celentano Woodworks: Do you want a ukulele shaped like a jar of pickles? They have it. How about a cupcake guitar? They have that too. This Etsy shop owner has one-of-a-kind instruments you’ll definitely want. A popular seller is the apple guitar.

The Best Etsy Shops for Electronics and Accessories

  • Salvage Audio: For quality wood speakers, check out what Jarod Kirby has to offer. His speakers are made of unique craftsmanship that you won’t find anywhere else. One of the most popular sellers are the desk speakers.
  • DOCKSMITH: From the beach, to the woodshop, and into the studio—these electronic docks made from draftwood are unlike anything else. The phone docks are their best seller.
  • ShutterLightOC: Open since 2012, ShutterLightOC sells cameras and the accessories that come along with it. Their best seller is the black and white instant film.

The Best Etsy Shops for Toys and Games

  • Colour Me Fun: This Etsy shop puts a cool spin on coloring by creating custom-made crayons and adult coloring books. Their most popular crayons are the animals, and their best-selling coloring book is their Sunshine & Bloom.
  • Piggy Hates Panda: For a carefully handmade huggable doll, this Santa Cruz, CA. shop has many adorable options. Their recent best seller is the Anna ballerina.
  • Sugar Shack: Made on an avocado farm in California, these teepees are handcrafted, easy to set up, and kids go wild for them. Best selling teepees are the Isabella and Bianca.


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skinny black tie
via kellybowbelly

Any bride planning a wedding knows how expensive it can be, and purchasing pieces for your wedding through Etsy is a great way to save money! If you want to add personal touches to your wedding with truly unique, handmade items, browse these top-selling shops within Etsy’s Wedding category.

The Best Etsy Shops for Wedding Accessories

The Best Etsy Shops for Wedding Clothing

The Best Etsy Shops for Wedding Decorations

The Best Etsy Shops for Wedding Gifts and Mementos

The Best Etsy Shops for Wedding Invitations and Paper

The Best Etsy Shops for Wedding Jewelry

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dog collars
via MaritynDog

Looking to spruce up a room in your house with a unique decoration? The creative talent within this category of home and living Etsy shops is endless. If you’re not sure which shops to check out first, consult our list of the best shops in the categories below.

The Best Etsy Shops for Art and Collectibles

The Best Etsy Shops for Bath and Beauty

The Best Etsy Shops for Home Decor

The Best Etsy Shops for Paper and Party Supplies

The Best Etsy Shops for Pet Supplies

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via GoldConfettiMoccs

Rather than risk having the same clothes as someone else (do you live in an area with a Target? Then you know how often this happens!), shop for one-of-a-kind clothes and accessories. Here you will find many customer favorites for men and women’s clothing, children’s clothing, shoes, bags, and more!

The Best Etsy Shops for Women’s Clothing

The Best Etsy Shops for Men’s Clothing

The Best Etsy Shops for Girl’s Clothing

The Best Etsy Shops for Boy’s Clothing

The Best Etsy Shops for Accessories

The Best Etsy Shops for Bags and Purses

  • Morelle: This shop is located in Vovousa, Greece and sells unique handmade handbags. Their best seller is the Caramel Shopper.
  • LeLaStudio: Tired of people stealing your lunch? They won’t anymore with any of these unique lunch bags! Her best-selling lunch tote is the gray and white chevron.
  • SouthernTradeMark: This Etsy shop makes gifting personal with their many monogrammable items, including bags and purses. One of their best sellers is the Houston Purse.

The Best Etsy Shops for Shoes

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Hanukka Wreath
via What A Mesh

In need of new holiday decor, party supplies, crafts, clothing, or accessories that you won’t find anywhere else? Good thing these Etsy shop owners have made it easy for you with all kinds of conversation pieces. With all the talent out there, you could browse Etsy holiday shops for days and days. But if you’re running out of time, take a look at these top holiday shops.

The Best Valentine’s Day Etsy Shops

The Best St. Patrick’s Day Etsy Shops

The Best Easter Etsy Shops

The Best Mother’s Day Etsy Shops

  • Popsicledrum: This Etsy shop owner sells simple, everyday jewelry out of the Oregon coast. Browse through over 230 items, you’re sure to find something for mom! We like the Initial and Personalized Necklaces.
  • SkyeArt: Open since 2008 and based in Monument, CO, this shop primarily sells small polymer clay figurines with stamped text. With well over 2,000 sets sold, her Love You Mom clay pears are the best-selling item for Mother’s Day.
  • ByTracey: Run by someone who absolutely loves crafting, this Southbridge, MA, Etsy shop sells coffee mugs and personalized gifts. Her Home is Wherever Mom is mug is a best seller for Mother’s Day.
  • escherpe: This Etsy shop is based in Istanbul, Turkey and sells scarves, beach wraps, bikinis, and pashminas in a large variety of fun prints and solid colors. Her best-selling scarf of all time—which has 1,173,241 views, 52,359 favorites, 117 treasury lists, and over 2,000 pieces sold—is this Tribal Aztec Scarf.
  • LovePop Cards: If you really want to wow mom this year, you’ve got to look at this shop’s pop-up cards, they are a gift within themselves! Their best seller is the Full of Flowers Pop-Up Card.

The Best Father’s Day Etsy Shops

The Best Fourth of July Etsy Shops

The Best Boss’s Day Etsy Shops

The Best Halloween Etsy Shops

The Best Thanksgiving Etsy Shops

The Best Hanukkah Etsy Shops

The Best Christmas Etsy Shops

The Best New Year’s Etsy Shops

The Best Kwanzaa Etsy Shops

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What are your favorite Etsy shops? Let us know in the comments!


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  • Sarah

    Harebow is my favorite Etsy shop! Stunning pieces for babies and kids.

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    6Grape Fine Jewelry is the best ETSY for any jewelry stuff. Such cute unique gifts and you get a great discount and immediate shipping. I’ve gotten like 10 things from them and I’m never dissapointed. They have a great website too Anyone know of any handmade dog clothing ETSY shops?? Been trying to find a good one (sweaters and such)

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