Roughly 20 miles north of downtown Dallas sits Plano, TX. Sitting among the 13 counties and large list of cities and unincorporated areas of the DFW Metroplex, it could be easy to overlook any particular city of DFW, but that would be a mistake.

As with all communities, Plano has its own distinct features, flavors, culture, and hotspots that make it stand out in DFW. Here are just a few.

Plano is safe. In fact, it’s the safest

According to Forbes, Plano is the safest city in America, which is something almost everyone agrees is important for the city you live in. The city has low violent and property crime. The reason behind this is undoubtedly the Plano Police Department, which requires all of its officers to have a four-year degree and constantly works to create a strong communities of volunteers.

Plenty of work in Plano

While Dallas itself sits at an unemployment rate of 3.5%, well below the national average of 3.7%, Plano goes even better with a 3.1%. Even better, about 20 percent of the population earns anywhere from $100-150k a year according to Much of this growth and success is due to being home to a number of corporate headquarters, including Capital One Finance, Frito-Lay, and J.C. Penney.

Find a park in Plano

You’d be surprised to find that Plano has more parks than it has square miles. That’s right, a city of nearly 72 square miles has 84 different parks for you to enjoy. Locals love spots such as Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, which may have the best free hiking in DFW, as well as enjoying a calming walk in the Legacy Town Center Park. No matter which park you pick, chances are high you’ll enjoy them!

Speaking of parks, enjoy a balloon!

Or, to be more direct, enjoy the Plano Balloon Festival. This annual festival includes 40 amazing and colorful hot air balloons as well as other activities such as running events, sky divers, live music, fireworks and more.

Visit Downtown Plano

Ever wonder what the wild west would look like if it survived to 2019? Then checkout Downtown Plano. With a mix of urban living, historic structures, and amazing culture, Downtown Plano is a great place to enjoy performing arts, shopping, dining, and more. Be sure to check out spots such as the Plano Station Dart Rail and Haggard Park.

Let help you move to Plano

With so much listed here and even more to see for yourself, Plano can be a great place to live, work, and play as both a part of DFW and as its own distinct community. And while moving may be the only stresser coming into Plano, it doesn’t have to be. Let help with your relocation, giving you a place to keep all your belongings while you line up a home or provide you the additional room you need to get the most out of your apartment, house, or living space. Click here to find the best storage facility in Plano for your needs!

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