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​15 Things to Know When Moving to Philadelphia


By Patrick Galvan, Storage.com

Storage.com takes pride in helping people move into their new homes, whether that involves providing a storage unit in between or by helping people discover more about their new city.

Philadelphia is famous for a great many things such as its cheese steaks, the famed Liberty Bell, the reported sewing of the first American flag, and the Declaration of Independence. However, there are some other facts about Philadelphia that are worth knowing if you plan to relocate here. Here are some things to know when moving to The City of Brotherly Love.


Photo by Jamesy Pena

Ever since the start of the new millennium, Philadelphia’s population has been on the rise. Now recovered from its industrial downtown of the late 20th century, it is seeing a regular income of new residents. With an estimated population of 1,560,297, Philadelphia is the nation’s fifth-most populated city and the sixth-largest metropolitan area.


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With more than 450,000 people obtaining their higher education here, Philadelphia has the third-highest concentration of college students on the East Coast. Not to mention that Philadelphia is home to a number of prestigious, well-known institutions. The most famous, of course, is the University of Pennsylvania, founded by none other than Benjamin Franklin and reputedly the oldest university in America. Other local institutes include the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Drexel University, Community College of Philadelphia, and La Salle University.


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However, what is perhaps most distinguishable about Philadelphia’s higher education system is the number of medical schools that are located here. One out of every six American doctors are trained at one of the city’s schools of medicine: Drexel University College of Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University, Temple University School of Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.


Job ad
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As the major economic center of the state of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia is rich with employment opportunities. One of the strongest fields for local employment is health care: the number one employer is Jefferson Health System Inc. (18,740), and other high-ranking employers include University of Pennsylvania Health System (14,941), and Christina Care Health System (10,500). Philadelphia also has a strong interest in education: University of Pennsylvania (16,160 – second-highest local employer), Temple University (14,000), and Drexel University (9,829).


Photo by Jeremy Keith

While most regional American accents (such as the deep south) are easily imitated, Philadelphia English is really a one-of-a-kind thing. If you move here, you might as well get used to hearing your new city being referred to as Filelfia. It’s a little more distinctive than the other Eastern seaboard accents. You might want to grab yourself a sewda (soda) to drink when you move to Filelfia.


PSFS building
Photo by Ryan Hallock

Another national first that Philadelphia holds claim to is the presence of the country’s first skyscraper built in the International Style. Thirty-six stories tall, the PSFS Building (also known as the Loews Philadelphia Hotel), with its distinctive sign and TV tower, stands out among the other buildings in Philadelphia. Sometimes buildings located close to one another create an interesting contrast. For example, the traditionally styled City Hall building is within close proximity of the more contemporary and massive One Liberty Place skyscraper. Currently, the Comcast Center is Philadelphia’s tallest building.


Seaport Museum
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As many know, Philadelphia is home to the Liberty Bell as well as Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed. However, this is just scratching the surface! History buffs will be pleased to know that Philadelphia has a walloping 67 national historic landmarks, the third-most in the country, behind New York City and Boston. Some of the prominent landmarks include Fort Mifflin and Memorial Hall. In addition, you can visit the homes of famous people like Betsy Ross, as well as take tours through the Independence Seaport Museum of historic vessels, such as the naval cruiser USS OLYMPIA and WWII submarine USS BECUNA.


Philadelphia Eagles
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As one of twelve cities to have teams for all four major professional sports leagues, Philadelphia is a great city for sports enthusiasts ready to root for their favorite team on their home turf. For football fans, there’s the Philadelphia Eagles, based at the Lincoln Financial Field, who have won an NFL title three times. Those who get into the MLB will want to head to Citizens Bank Park in South Philadelphia, where the Philadelphia Phillies are based. The Philadelphia Flyers represent the NHL and play at the Wells Fargo Center. Of course, we cannot leave out the NBA and Philadelphia’s representation in that league: the 76ers!


Rodin Museum
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The city’s Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts is not only a fine art school, it is also the country’s very first art museum. The Academy one of many local attractions that will appeal to people who love knowledge and history. Other fine institutions include the Rodin Museum, the Benjamin Franklin Museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the National Museum for Jewish History.


Pat's King of Steaks
Photo by Yuri Long

Of course, we’d be remiss not to mention the Philadelphia cheese steak, which is undoubtedly one of the city’s most famous contributions to contemporary culture. There are plenty of local restaurants that specialize in this signature food, the most famous two being Pat’s King of Steaks and Geno’s Steaks. These two famed restaurants are located across Passyunk Avenue from each other and have had a friendly rivalry over the years to determine who makes the best Philly cheese steaks. Be sure to dine at both and decide for yourself!


Reading Terminal Market
Photo by Corey Harmon

First opened in 1892, the Reading Terminal Farmer’s Market is about as old as the city itself. It is easily accessible by the major means of transportation including roads, subway, and AMTRAK. The market features more than one hundred vendors, offering snacks and foods of various kinds. Whether you need some produce, fresh meat, baked goods, seafood, or something a little more unique, odds are there is a vendor there who can help you. The farmer’s market also features a number of restaurants as well as kitchenware items for sale.


Philadelphia Museum of Art
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Who can forget a very young Sylvester Stallone running up a set of Philadelphia stairs before jumping with joy at the top? That scene, now affectionately known as the “Rocky steps,” was shot at none other than the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Today, the museum steps feature a bronze statue of Stallone’s character and it is often visited by tourists and photographers.



Film students and aspiring filmmakers, be aware! Philadelphia is very often used as a location for shooting films. Apart from the aforementioned “Rocky” steps, much of M. Night Shyamalan’s iconic The Sixth Sense was filmed at none other than Philadelphia’s own St. Augustine Church. Other examples include Signs, National Treasure, The Silence of the Lambs, and of course, Philadelphia, for which Tom Hanks won his first Oscar. Movies are regularly shot in Philadelphia to this day.


Photo by Center Grove High School Brand

As an early North American city, Philadelphia was home to the first of many things which are now modern-day common conveniences and items. This Pennsylvania city features America’s first library (Library Company of Philadelphia), first hospital (Philadelphia Hospital), first business school (Wharton School), first Thanksgiving Day Parade, and first zoo (Philadelphia Zoo).


Wilma Theater
Photo by John S. and James L. Knight’s Foundation

If arts are your thing, Philadelphia is rich with entertainment venues, including the Avenue of the Arts District. The avenue is spoiled when it comes to theaters, with places such as the Suzanne Roberts Theater (part of the Philadelphia Theatre Company), the Wilma Theatre, and the Kimmel Center. And of course, the University of the Arts.

What’s your favorite thing about Philadelphia? What did we miss? Let us know in the comments!


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Home Moving City Guides How Self Storage Helps with Living Downtown

How Self Storage Helps with Living Downtown


By Graci Woodworth, Storage.com

Finding your place in this world can be pretty difficult, not to mention how hard it can be to move there. Storage.com is here to help with the moving process, either by providing storage or helping you find the ideal place to call home.

An apartment or loft right above the hustle and bustle of downtown is ideal for many young professionals today—and for good reason. The proximity to local hot spots, job opportunities, and vibrant cultural atmosphere are a few of the reasons why people are drawn to life in the heart of downtown areas.

Unfortunately, there’s a trade-off for living downtown. Apartments and lofts are pricey in urban areas. To put things in perspective, the median price for a one-bedroom apartment in Lincoln Park, Chicago would cost you somewhere near $1,540 per month. Add another bedroom to that equation, and your price per month jumps up to around $2,295 on average. Move to a coastal city like San Francisco, and the median rent for a one-bedroom downtown apartment is $3,400 per month with the two-bedroom coming in at a whopping $4,580 per month. So your options are either ditch downtown or get used to being cramped.

That said, you do have another option, one that will make it easy to get both the cool downtown apartment or loft you’ve always wanted and enough space for all of your things. That option is self storage.


Save Serious Cash

While it’s logical to go with the smaller space that lines up with your budget, you don’t have to sacrifice space altogether—you can gain roughly the same amount of space as an extra bedroom with a 5×5 or 5×10 storage unit. With prices starting as low as $39 in Chicago and $49 in San Francisco, you can get more space for all of your belongings. Start searching for storage units in your city now!

CALL 866-432-8525 TODAY!

Safer Spots for Your Valuables

If your living space comes without a place to keep things locked up, let a storage unit do the safekeeping for you. In a city with so many people, a secure unit nearby is an easy way to keep your mind at ease when storing valuable items (or even just the things you want out of your roommate’s reach). When searching for downtown storage units, look for storage facilities that offer security features like gated access, alarmed units, on-site management, or video surveillance to better protect your belongings.

A Short Walk Away

Storing your belongings at a downtown storage facility that’s not too far from your living space is extremely convenient—especially if you’re a walker or rely on public transportation to get around. Many facilities are open 24/7 and offer a free or discounted moving truck with initial rentals, so be sure to inquire about those options to help make your visits for drop-off and pick-up as convenient as possible.


Before you pour an entire paycheck into one month’s rent for more room in your downtown living space, find a storage unit! That way, you can have the best of both worlds: a great pad downtown and a unit nearby to keep any valuables, seasonal clothing, recreational gear, or extra furniture safe and out of the way.


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