By Vince Mancuso,

In what began as a series of cell phone and leaked security videos, it’s now clearer than ever that Santa Claus uses a network of self storage facilities across the United States during his annual Dec. 24 sleigh ride to deliver gifts to the girls and boys on his “Nice” list.

This Christmas story made news last week when self storage renters and operators posted video footage of a man assumed to be Santa Claus spotted at multiple storage facilities throughout the country. While questions swirled about the Santa sightings, a few storage operators confessed to both renting to and negotiating with the North Pole.

To eliminate all doubt, a long-time elf employee of the North Pole came forward and confirmed Santa’s “Ten Lords of Leaping” gift storage operation in an exclusive interview with The elf, known only as “Pickle,” also revealed Santa’s high demands for his storage unit rentals, suggesting it takes a lot to keep the big guy jolly on Christmas Eve.

In further talks with, Pickle also provided information and logistics showing that Santa Claus uses storage facilities in the ten following cities to create the gift storage network known as the “Ten Lords of Leaping.”

  • New York City, N.Y.
  • Philadelphia, Pa.
  • Atlanta, Ga.
  • Chicago, Ill.
  • Minneapolis, Minn.
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Denver, Colo.
  • Las Vegas, Nev.
  • San Bernardino, Calif.
  • Seattle, Wa.

View our infographic below for the latest details on Santa’s storage secret.

INFOGRAPHIC Tracking Santa


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To download the “Tracking Santa: Where Does St. Nick Keep the Gifts?” infographic, click here.

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