College is as full of new adventures as your car is on the day you move in to your dorm. can help you tackle your college career with helpful tips or by providing you a safe storage solution for summer breaks.

As a college football super fan, tailgating is as serious to you as the game itself. Whether you own a tricked-out bus, RV, ambulance, or anything else with wheels, your ultimate tailgating vehicle is your pride and joy. But when it’s loaded with HD TVs, a grill, a pop-up tent, and other valuable tailgating essentials, it deserves to be well-protected throughout the week.

Enter self storage, a tailgater’s best friend. Most storage facilities offer either specific vehicle storage or have units large enough to park a vehicle inside. Here are some of the benefits of using storage for your tailgating machine.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Just like your favorite team’s athletic facilities, storage facilities can be filled with amazing new features. Treat your tailgating vehicle like a star athlete and give it the amenities it deserves. You can easily find a storage facility that provides amenities like:

  • Climate Control
  • Drive-up Access
  • Electricity in Unit
  • Keypad Entry

Some storage facilities are even perfectly equipped for large recreational vehicles, with washing and draining stations right on site.

Pocket Protection

Storing your pride and joy doesn’t have to cost as much as your season tickets. Protect both your tailgating vehicle and your wallet by taking advantage of affordable rental rates. Vehicle storage can be found for as low as $30 a month in some places, and can be even more affordable when looking at outdoor parking spaces.

Advanced Security

Unlike your driveway or residential street, a storage facility offers the very best in security. Protect your valuable tailgating vehicle from unsportsmanlike conduct — like vandalism or theft — by choosing a storage facility with top-of-the-line security features, including video surveillance, individual unit alarms, and on-site management.

Ease of Access

When game day arrives, you don’t want to get called for delay of game, so it’s important that your vehicle storage location allows for quick access. With facilities located all around town, you can find the closest facility to your home so you can quickly pack up and head out to your parking spot. If you’re an early-riser, choose a facility with 24-hour access so you can always grab your tailgating vehicle on your own schedule.

You already know where your ultimate tailgating vehicle is going to be on Saturdays, so find a reliable place to store it every other day of the week and during the off-season.


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  • Edward Thirlwall

    I would really research into the different facilities that allow you to have your vehicle into self storage because I’m sure that there are quite a number of requirements that will govern how you have to prepare and clean your vehicle before you keep it in storage. Or perhaps there are staff at the storage facility who are able to help you with that…?