Everyone has that one room in their home that they’d like to change into something else. Storage.com is here to help provide you with ideas and the storage necessary to make a transformation.

Many people have a spare room in their home that is being used as nothing more than a catch-all for storing anything and everything. If you could just find somewhere else to store all of those extra belongings, the possibilities for that spare room are endless! You can transform a room into something  you’ve always wanted. It could easily be transformed into a man cave, craft room, home gym, game room, home theater, photography studio, trophy room, library, spa, music room, kids’ play room, office, pet room, or anything else you can dream of.

The easiest way to take that space back, and get started on the transformation, is to use self storage for everything that’s in the room already. Starting with a blank slate can give you the boost of inspiration you need to transform that room into a room you’ve always wanted. Best of all, you can easily find a storage unit that fits your needs.

Fits Your Belongings

Storage units come in all shapes and sizes, so you will have no trouble finding a unit that can store all of the extra belongings you’ve piled into your spare room. With sizes ranging from 5×5 to 10×30 and beyond, you’ll be able to get everything out of that room so you can truly enjoy the space.

Fits Your Budget

Self storage is a very affordable option for gaining more storage space, with units starting as low as $25 a month. Instead of moving into a larger home or adding on to your existing one, a storage unit allows you to gain more square footage in your home while staying within your budget.

Fits Your Lifestyle

Storage facilities are all over the place, so you can find a location that is most convenient for you. Plus, with some facilities offering 24 hour and drive-up access, it’ll be easier than ever to grab the items you need out of storage. The best part is, you won’t have to get rid of any valuable items in order to create the room of your dreams.


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  • http://supercheapselfstorage.com.au/facilities/sydney/greater-sydney/north-shore/ ericbosloor

    I agree that whenever we have that extra space around the house, we would most likely convert it into storage. There are just too many things that keep piling up on a daily basis that we simply fail to keep up. I would normally de-clutter that particular area and get rid of unwanted belongings and for the rest of them, a self storage would be perfect to temporarily stow them away while I convert the area into something more meaningful.

  • http://www.supercheapstorage.com.au/ Edward Thirlwall

    How many people have a spare room that isn’t being used for storage or living space in this day and age! Given the property prices in the Eastern Suburbs these days, I’ll be happy if I got an extra inch of walking space around my bed and even more if I had some extra storage space! A craft room would be quite far at the back of mind for having!