The Dallas Fort Worth Area has been among the largest, fastest-growing metros in the country, but with more than 7.4 million residents and 14 distinct cities, it can be easy to have things get lost in the mix when you’re visiting or new to the area. That’s why we’re here to tell you what makes Arlington, TX, distinct in DFW.

Arlington is the heart of DFW

Nestled between the two larger cities from which the metro gets its name, Arlington can be found just east of Fort Worth. And with that being said, it’s no surprise that Arlington is the real heart of the metro. In fact, it is actually home to the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers.

Arlington is the best run city in Texas

According to a report by WalletHub on the best and worst run cities across the country, Arlington tanks 25 in the nation, making it not only one of the best run cities in the country, but the best run city in the state of Texas.

Start your business in Arlington

If you’re looking to be an entrepreneur, Arlington may be the place to be. According to, it is ranked fourth in the nation for entrepreneurs. One big reason Arlington holds this title is it’s One Start Development Center, which is conveniently located inside Arlington City Hall. The center boasts that within 15 minutes, “a developer or small business can get answers to questions related to permits, site research and zoning requirements.” And that’s without having to set an appointment.

Enjoy diversity? Then enjoy Arlington.

For many folks, especially in the growing, younger generations, diversity is an important factor when it comes to picking out a new city to call home. Fortunately, Arlington doesn’t disappoint here either. In fact, Arlington ranks among the top 10 most diverse cities in America, and is the sixth most diverse large city.

The diversity shows in Arlington’s best cuisine

Arguably one of the most enjoyable aspects of a diverse population is the chances to enjoy and sample a variety of cultural foods, and Arlington’s diversity shines when it comes to dining options. Locals love hotspots such as Piranha Killer Ramen or Halow Hawaiian BBQ & Poke Bar for something different, as well as more American flavors of Fork In The Road or Sweet Malik’s.

Enjoy the arts of Arlington

What large city would be worth living in or visiting if you couldn’t enjoy some culture? Check out the arts and culture in great places such as the Arlington Museum of Art, which has displayed artists from Salvador Dalí to Jackson Pollock, as well concerts both classic and modern at the Levitt Pavilion or the Arlington Music Hall.

This is just a short list of things that make Arlington stand out, but the best way to see all that makes Arlington distinct is to see it with your own eyes. So, are you moving to the area or perhaps taking an extended visit? Click here to learn how Arlington self storage can help you along the way.

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