According to the Pew Research Center, millennials are on track to surpass baby boomers in 2019, with roughly 71 million Americans in this coveted but often hard-to-predict generation. Cities across the country vie for millennials as they can have tremendous impact on local markets and economies.


SmartAssest, a company dedicated to equip people with the best financial information to make wise decisions, recently used Census Bureau statistics to determine which cities are receiving the most millennial movement. Washington was the top state, taking in 40,000 more millennials than it lost. Seattle received 75 percent of these movers, making it the top city in the country for millennial immigration.


So, what do millennials need to know when moving to Seattle? Here’s a list of 7 tips to help you on your way.



  1. You can make a living here



While millennials may have a bit of sticker shock at the median rent of $1,350 a month, it’s soon forgotten in the face of some key economic points. For starters, there’s no income tax in the state of Washington, and the average salary in Seattle is just under $70,000 a year. Combine this information with the Emerald City’s consistent top placements for best cities for tech jobs and young professionals, and you’ll find that it’s easy to make a living here.


  1. Nationwide employers call Seattle home


Speaking of jobs and economy, tech and ecommerce giants thrive in Seattle. Microsoft moved to the area around the time the millennial generation begun in 1979, and Amazon majorly changed the city when it relocated there more than a decade ago. It’s no surprise these two are among the top employers in Seattle, offering more than 67,000 jobs combined.


  1. One city, tons of neighborhoods


Millennials are all about community, so it’s no small wonder they love the many communities of Seattle. The city even has an official Department of Neighborhoods to celebrate its distinct communities. Some of the best neighborhoods for millennials include South Lake Union, West Lake, and Belltown.


  1. Plenty to do outside of Seattle


While it’s fun to travel around from neighborhood to neighborhood, there’s also a lot to see outside of Seattle everywhere you look—literally. To the North, you have the North Cascades National Park, which is the most glaciers in the continental U.S., to the east there’s the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, the iconic Mount Rainier decorates the southern view, and the Puget Sound sits to the west.

  1. Walking around Seattle isn’t bad either


There’s a reason Seattle is called the Emerald City—it’s got as much greenery outside of its borders as it does within its limits. With roughly seven parks per 10,000 citizens, there’s plenty of greenery to see such as Waterfall Garden in Pioneer Square near downtown. Seattle also ranks among the best places for pedestrians, so whether you’re exploring the famous Pike’s Place Market or checking out the lookout at Lower Queen Anne’s Kerry Park, there’s plenty to do and see on foot.


  1. Sea-Hawks! Sea-Hawks! Sea-Hawks!


One thing anyone, millennial or not, should know when moving to Seattle is any resident becomes a member of the Seattle Seahawks by serving as the 12th man. Unfamiliar with the term? The NFL team nearly shuts down the city with each home game, and the crowd serves as a mental boost and intimidation factor for the Seahawks. The 12th man is known as one of the best fanbases in the NFL. The 12s even broke two Guinness World Records for loudest crowd noise at a sporting event in 2013—the same year they won their first Super Bowl—reaching 137.6 decibels in a December playoff game. Sure, the record was broken a year later by the Kansas City Chiefs, but the Seattle still know show to get rowdy.


  1. Can’t forget the Seattle coffee


Millennials don’t just enjoy a cup of coffee, they are so dedicated to the bean that millennials are transforming the coffee market, so how could anyone overlook Seattle’s coffee? Regarded as a world center for roasting and enjoying a good cup of Joe, you can hit up the historic first Starbuck’s location in Pikes Place, enjoy a shot at Seattle Coffee Works, or check out the Cherry Street Coffee House. All are sure to please even the most new of coffee drinkers.


Now these are just a few of the many things millennials need to know when moving to Seattle. Do you know something we missed and want to share? Please let us know in the comments below!

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