With a history that dates back to 1729, Baltimore has certainly grown in its nearly 300 years. And with so much history behind it, many of the good things about Baltimore can be missed. And whether you live in one of the many neighborhoods of the city, find yourself relocating for work, or just are curious, here are some things to know about Baltimore.

1. Baltimore is larger than you realize

Sure, when speaking of the population of an entire metropolitan area, Baltimore is the 25th largest city in the country, but when you look at independent cities, you’ll find Charm City ranks No. 1 in size with a population of more than 622,000 residents. These hundreds of thousands of people who call this home offer the city a colorful and diverse population as well as creates some beautifully distinct neighborhoods.

2. Baltimore is a city of neighborhoods

As with many larger cities, Baltimore is host to hundreds of districts and has been dubbed a “city of neighborhoods.” Residents enjoy areas such as Downtown, with its urban feel and proximity to nightlife and employers to the historic Inner Harbor, a place where both young professionals and retirees find charming. Checkout the full list of Baltimore neighborhoods and find what’s best for you!

3. History if everywhere in Baltimore

With nearly 300 years of existence comes a lot of history, literally. Baltimore has more public statues and monuments per capita than any other city in the United States as well as some of the earliest National Register Historic Districts. You can visit sites such as the Fort McHenry National Monument, where the Battle of Baltimore took place as well as where Francis Scott Key was inspired to write the Star-Spangled Banner, as well as more locally historic sites such as the Homewood Museum on the campus of John Hopkins University to see one of the best-surviving examples of Federal-Period Palladian architecture from the year 1801.

4. Baltimore births writers

Maybe it’s something in the harbor or maybe it’s historic inspiration, either way, Baltimore has served as home many famous writers, including macabre master Edgar Allan Poe, abolitionist Frederick Douglas, modernism leader Gertrude Stein, spy-thriller Tom Clancy, and more current author and journalist Ta-Nehisi Paul Coates.

5. Lexington Market is the oldest market in the country

Established in 1782, Lexington Market makes Baltimore’s public market system one of the oldest running markets in the country. With 66 vendors currently, Lexington Market is a place you can get to early to buy a pastry for breakfast, shop for a new phone and gifts for the family, grab your farm-fresh groceries, and grab lunch to go on your way out.

6. So much more than blue crab

We certainly won’t dismiss or sleep on Baltimore’s blue crabs and Old Bay, but should you crave something outside of shellfish, the Greatest City in America has much to offer, such as Ekiben. Locals love this Asian Fusion restaurant and its amazing mix of flavors and sandwiches—not to mention the tunes played overhead. Or you can try a new place with Taco Town. Still months old as of writing this, locals already love this Mexican restaurants three taco deal, especially when you can add whatever your toppings, which includes free guacamole!

Baltimore is an amazing city, and one you should explore for yourself to experience. This list only offers a glimpse, so we encourage you to go out and share with us what some of your favorite things about the Charm City are!

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