Why I should move to Omaha, as written by a local

Last Updated on March 14, 2024

Omaha, Neb, has recently been named the top up-and-coming tech spot by Livability.com due to its low cost of living and incredibly friendly nature toward entrepreneurs—especially those in the tech industry. Top this with it’s top rankings among the best cities to relocate to in America by Sperling’s Best Places, and you get a pretty picture of why our city is so attractive.


And whether you’re coming here in pursuit of new job, wanting to start a new business, or just want a nice place to raise your family, here’s a few reasons why you should move to Omaha as told by a local.



  • Live “the great life” in the Big O for cheap



According to U.S. News, Omaha will cost renters about $100 less per month than the national average, and houses on average cost $60,000 less than they do around the country. These savings are even greater when compared to larger cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles,or New York City. This low cost of living pairs well with our 3% unemployment rate, might we add.


  1. We like businesses


We’re home to Warren Buffet, an investor worth $86 billion. It’s no surprise we value businesses large and small. An example of this is seen through the Nebraska Angels, a group of 60 active investors who’ve deployed over $11 million in capital, investing in early-stage, high growth opportunities.


  1. But we love families


Ranked among Niche’s best places to raise a family, the Omaha Metro is still a place where you can have children if you’d like to. This can be seen in many family-friendly events and attractions we have year-round, such as The Taste of Omaha each June, the year-round open Henry Doorly Zoo, and the many community festivals held throughout the year.


  1. One metro, many cities


While we all say we’re from “Omaha” to people we meet while out of town, it’s important to note our different communities and cities. Sure, it’s no Chicago, but each suburb city does have its own unique culture and community, from the ever-growing suburban city of Papillion to the historic and culturally-rich Dundee.


We recommend you explore each community, from the Soda Fountain in Springfield to the Taste of Florence festival. And again, no matter which area you choose to set your roots, you’ll always be “Homaha.”


  1. Did we mention our zoo?


It’s a point of fact that Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium consistently ranks among the best zoos in the country, and for good reason. It’s constantly expanding in its area, offering more unique animals and exhibits, which all help to educate guests and zoo members alike. We can’t wait for the new Asian Highland exhibit to open up and bring back the rhinos.


  1. Village Pointe, Midtown Crossing, or the Old Market? All 20 minutes away


Another reason anyone should love living in Omaha is that almost everything within the Omaha Metro is 20 minutes away—though plan for 25 if it’s snow of the season. So whichever local shopping, nightlife, or recreation area you’re looking for, it won’t take long to get there. Sure, things may get a little congested during normal rush hours, but outside of car accident, the roads are rarely at a standstill. Just remember: 72nd and Dodge streets are the alpha and omega of roads around here; you can get anywhere in relation to these two roads.


  1. Do you like steak? Omaha has the best.


Omaha is home to a number of amazing steakhouses: Johnny’s Café in South Omaha, Gorat’s just east of the Aksarben area, to Brother Sebastian’s just west of Regency. The true beauty of life in Omaha when it comes to steak, however, is that you can always pick up some amazing cuts and grill them up at home.


  1. Omaha is still growing


Even through the recession, the hum of construction equipment could be heard. Now that the economy is doing well again, that hum has become a roar. From the Vision 84 project in La Vista to the south, Omaha recent annexations, and even the expansions way out northwest in Bennington, Omaha is growing—want to join us?