Usually, people wait to clean their homes on the first nice day after the long, cold winter. You might know this as “Spring Cleaning.” Once that nice day hits, it’s time to buckle down and clean. But why spend the first day cleaning when you could be outside enjoying the beautiful weather? Winter is truly the best time to clean out the house. After all, you’re already shut in. You might as well be active and eliminate some housework.

Here are some winter organizing and cleaning tips:

  • Clean from the top down. Remember to clean from high to low because dirt falls, and there is no need to spend extra time cleaning the same areas twice.
  • Clean windows on cooler days. When cleaning on warm days, it causes the windows to dry faster, leaving more streaks.
  • Dust while the heat is on. Heating systems are known to circulate dirt, dust, and germs. Dusting while the heat is on helps clean up those unwanted particles.
  • Clean carpets after the holidays. The best time to clean your carpets is right after the holidays. This will not only prevent holiday germs from lingering around the house for a couple extra months, but you will also get rid of wrapping paper leftovers, food and drink spills from parties, and tree pines or fibers.
  • Keep up with disinfecting. By cleaning the remote, house/cell phone, and door handles, you eliminate cold and flu germs that can easily be spread.

By spending time with these household duties once a week throughout the winter, you won’t have to cram all of your cleaning into one day during the spring. Happy cleaning!

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