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20 Things to Know When Attending Arizona State University


By Stephanie Hyland, Storage.com

College is as full of new adventures as your car is on the day you move in to your dorm. Storage.com can help you tackle your college career with helpful tips or by providing you a safe storage solution for summer breaks.

Being a freshman in college can be an overwhelming experience. Between balancing your class schedule, meeting your professors, and making your dorm room feel more like home, it seems like the to-do list will never end. However, there are a few things about Arizona State University that you don’t want to miss out on. Check out our list of the top 20 things you have to know as a Sun Devil.


Arizona State University sign
Photo by John M. Quick

Whether or not you know what subject you want to pursue during your time at the university, ASU has more than 300 majors for students to choose from! Are you looking to get out of the classroom? No problem! ASU offers approximately 90 different degrees and certificates that can be obtained online. Fun fact: The average GPA of incoming freshman accepted to ASU is 3.42. The average SAT score of incoming freshmen is 1129 and the average ACT score is 24.5.


There are approximately 175 tour guides at ASU that can show you different areas of the school grounds and can help answer any questions you may have as an incoming freshman. They even know about the plants on campus! Freshman can enroll in ASU 101, a class that is designed to help incoming students learn more about what ASU has to offer. Virtual tours of the different campuses are also available online.


Arizona State University football player
Photo by Neon Tommy

ASU takes sports seriously, especially football and basketball. It doesn’t matter if you are at home in the Tempe arena, or away in Tucson at the University of Arizona, the rivalry between the two Arizona schools is indisputable. Wear your Sun Devil colors proud! Fun fact: Maroon and gold have been the university’s colors since 1896.


A girl with muddy legs
Oozeball is a popular ASU event.

Students at ASU get dirty! The Student Alumni Association puts on a number of activities throughout the school year to promote ASU pride and student involvement. One of the most popular events is Oozeball, an annual mud volleyball tournament.


espresso machine making coffee
A Starbucks cafe is located in Fletcher Library.

If you are looking for a quiet place to study and enjoy a coffee, head over to Fletcher Library and grab a latte from the Starbucks cafe on the first floor. To get a different perspective of the grounds, head up to the third floor of the library where you can get a birds eye view of the well-kept campus.


Arizona State University campus
Photo by John M. Quick

Do you need a little extra help in a class? Head over to the Learning Resource Center where you can get some extra help from one of your fellow Sun Devils. Not only will your get help with your class, the tutoring session is free.


Palo Verde Main Residence and Dining Hall
Palo Verde Main Dining and Residence Hall. Photo by John M. Quick

Don’t know what to do for dinner? Grab a burger and milkshake at The Devil’s Diner, a 1950s themed diner that is located at Palo Verde Main in the North Neighborhood. Enjoy one of their old fashioned desserts while listening to a classic tune on their jukebox. If milkshakes are not your thing, stop by the Devil’s Bistro or Devil’s Green for a pizza or salad.


woman at radio station sound board
Students listen to and work at the ASU campus radio station.

ASU loves music! If you are a music lover, turn your radios to 1330 AM, The Blaze. This student-run radio station is supported at all four ASU campuses. The 24/7 radio station will keep you up-to-date on all of today’s music and ASU sports highlights. If radio broadcasting is something you are interested in pursuing, the station accepts volunteer positions for a number of roles that span from news reporting to management.


bowling balls
Photo by Bill Harrison

Do you need to kill some time between classes? Head over to the basement of the Memorial Union and bowl a few frames with friends in Sparky’s Den. This 254,000 square foot building is a central gathering spot for many ASU students.


Arizona State University Memorial Union
Memorial Union. Photo by John M. Quick

Are you looking for a job that works with your class schedule? ASU offers a variety of on-campus employment opportunities. On-campus jobs will be flexible with your class schedule and offer job experience that will be valuable to your resume. One of the best places to check out job listings is at the Memorial Union.


bicycles parked at a bike rack
Photo by KOMUnews

Don’t have a car? No problem! Public transportation is discounted for enrolled ASU students. Pick up a pass for public transportation on the Valley bus system or rail train at the ASU campus parking office. If you rather skip the public transportation route, there are plenty of students who ride their bikes to class.


woman looking into a washing machine
Students enjoy free washing machines and dryers in ASU residence halls.

The dirty clothes are piling up in your dorm room and you do not have a roll of quarters handy, what are you going to do? At ASU that isn’t a problem! The washers and dryers in your residence hall at ASU can be used free of charge! Even if you have never done laundry before, the The Campus Clothes Hotline can help you figure how to sort your clothes and how to get out a particular stain. Your mom will be proud!


Arizona State University A Mountain
ASU’s famous A Mountain. Photo by John M. Quick

As part of ASU orientation, each new freshman class meets up to hike up the A-Mountain together, an ASU tradition that dates back to the 1930s. New students then paint the iconic gold “A” with white paint signifying the beginning of another year at the university.


Chuckbox restaurant in Tempe
The Chuckbox is a popular student eatery. Photo by Nick Bastian

If you want to enjoy a meal off campus, you do not have to go very far. There are a number of dining options that are within walking distance of the ASU campus. Two of the most popular places students visit are Dilly’s Deli and The Chuckbox. If you are looking to satisfy a sweet tooth, don’t forget to stop by The Sweet Shoppe and Nut House for one of their gourmet caramel apples.


sunset at Arizona State University
Phoenix sunset. Photo by Sean Hobson

One of the biggest perks about going to ASU is being able to enjoy approximately 330 days of sunshine with an average temperature of 85 degrees most days. By living in Tempe, students won’t have to brave snow and ice when walking to class or their dorm. Those early morning classes or night sessions won’t seem so bad when you can enjoy some of the best sunrises and sunsets in the United States.


Arizona State University stadium
ASU Stadium. Photo by John M. Quick

Tempe is is where the Fiesta Bowl got its start! Even though the annual event is now held in Glendale, this highly anticipated event brings students, residents, and visitors from all over to enjoy the number of festivities and tailgating opportunities that come with it.


map of Phoenix area
Photo by Landry Heaton

Need a break? Even though Tempe has so much to offer, sometimes it is nice to have a change of scenery. Tempe is only 20 minutes outside of Phoenix and and only a half hour away from Glendale where new dining, shopping, and entertainment opportunities await.


Arizona State Sun Devils mascot
Sparky, the ASU Sun Devils mascot. Photo by Neon Tommy

One of the easiest ways Sun Devils show their school spirit is by giving the “Fork ‘em Devils” hand sign that has become a universal symbol on campus. Start practicing for the next big game!


Old Main building at ASU
Old Main building at ASU. Photo by John M. Quick

Old Main, one of the first building on the ASU campus, was built in 1898 to be apart of the Territorial Normal School that later turned into ASU university. This large, historic building is hard to miss! Make sure to take a tour of the building where you can see original photos of what the ASU campus looked like during the early years and learn more about how the university came to be what it is today.


Between a strong Greek presence, alumni sponsored events, galleries, and approximately 1,100 student organizations, you will never be at a loss for something to do at ASU!

If you’re a college student moving to Tempe and need storage space to help with the transition, view storage units near Arizona State University on Storage.com! 

All images have either been provided by Shutterstock or are licensed under the Creative Commons.

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Home College Life Arizona State Students Save Money with Summer Self Storage

Arizona State Students Save Money with Summer Self Storage


By Logan Livers, Storage.com

College is as full of new adventures as your car is on the day you move in to your dorm. Storage.com can help you tackle your college career with helpful tips or by providing you a safe storage solution for summer breaks.

College students moving out of their dorms can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by storing their college belongings in a self storage unit! For out-of-state students, the cost of moving everything home for the summer and back to campus in the fall far exceeds the cost of renting a storage unit for three months.

Arizona State University students come from all across the country, including a large portion from neighboring states. Take a look at the shortest driving distance to these nearby major cities and the estimated cost of gas when driving a 10-foot moving truck.

miles from Tempe to surrounding cities

The Cost of Renting a Moving Truck

Moving truck rates are determined by many factors, so they can vary quite a bit. They depend on point of origin, your destination, and the date of rental. So while it may be relatively cheap renting a moving truck going home, it can occasionally be a lot more expensive coming back to campus.

For ASU students, we researched several moving truck companies to find the rental rates for moving from Tempe to common nearby cities and back to campus.

CityRental Rate for Moving Truck from Tempe to Home*Rental Rate for Moving Truck from Home to Tempe*Total Cost of Using a Moving Truck to Move Home and Back (incl. gas**)
Los Angeles$115–$140$410–$480$675–$775
San Francisco$150–$280$790–$880$1250–$1460
*based on a 10-foot truck rental
**based on the national average gas price of $2.40/gallon (April, 2015)


The cost of using a moving truck for some cities is simply too much for a college student to afford, even when living on a strict diet of ramen noodles for an entire semester. Instead of spending an entire scholarship on the costs of moving home for the summer, you can save money by storing your dorm belongings right by campus in Tempe or Phoenix.

Saving by Using Self Storage

Self storage is a great solution that many college students utilize every year. Storage units around campus are fairly inexpensive, and using one will make moving in and out of the dorms a breeze. All you’ll have to do is load your larger items, like furniture and appliances, into the storage unit and then drive home with a box of clothes and your laptop. How easy is that?

Here’s a breakdown of the costs of using a storage unit in Tempe over the summer break.

Unit SizeCost per MonthCost for Entire Summer (3 months)

Whether you’re looking for an affordable way to lighten your load on the trip back home for the summer, or you simply don’t have room at your parents’ house for all of your things, self storage is an ideal solution. Storage.com offers plenty of storage locations around the Phoenix metropolitan area so you can search for the best deals.

Find Summer Storage Near ASU Today!

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