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FlyLady Shares How 15 Minutes Can Declutter Your Home

If you haven’t heard of FlyLady, she’s essentially the queen of decluttering. We had the opportunity to speak with her about how to declutter your home without becoming too overwhelmed. Read how you can declutter your entire house, just 15 minutes at a time!

Transform Your Home: How to Create the Best Home Theater

What's home, sweet home without a sanctuary for binge watching all of your favorite films and shows? Movie junkies and Netflix enthusiasts, unite! Compiled in this post are some of the best tips for transforming any room into the cozy home theater you've always wished for.

Transform Your Home: Essential Equipment for Your Home Gym

Want to stay fit by working out in your own home? Clear out that spare room, basement, or garage and make room for your very own home gym! spoke with Matt Goodwin, Director of Sales for EliteFTS, about all the essentials you will need to reach any fitness goals you may have. 
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The Best 2016 Internships for College Students with Popular Majors

If you're looking for an internship this summer to get your foot in the door, start by browsing through's list of best 2016 summer internships for college students. This list contains information such as location, deadlines, compensation, dates, and how to apply. Happy searching and good luck!

Must-Have Items for Successful Tailgating

You can’t call yourself a true tailgater until you have all of the tailgating essentials. Luckily, we have provided you a checklist to ensure that you’re the one everyone wants to tailgate with. As long as you have everything on our list, especially the beer, then you’ll be in good shape for this college football tailgating season!

Cost of Storage Space vs. Apartment Space in 10 U.S. Markets

Looking to save money on apartment rent? With a storage unit, you can save money on your rent and live comfortably with less square footage. Learn more.

How Self Storage Can Benefit Etsy Shops

Are you an Etsy shop owner? If your crafty work is beginning to take up a lot of space in your home, consider renting self storage. We spoke with three booming Etsy shop owners who all use self storage, and they love it. See what they had to say about using self storage to house their handmade belongings.

Where to Store Your RV, Trailer or Camper

Need to decide where’s the best place to store your RV, trailer, or camper? Read the pros and cons of storing at home vs a storage facility. 

How to Store Baby Gear for Future Children

There’s a lot more to storing baby gear in a storage unit than simply throwing it in there and locking the door. It’s actually a particular process, depending on what it is you choose to store. But if you plan on having more kids, saving as much as you can from your first child is definitely the way to go. See what advice owner of Cluttershrink, Crystal Sabalaske, has to offer!
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What Millennials Should Know When Moving to Seattle

According to the Pew Research Center, millennials are on track to surpass baby boomers in 2019, with roughly 71 million Americans in this coveted...
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