10 Businesses That Benefit from Using Self-Storage

Self-storage units are a space-saving hack, and this goes for individuals and businesses alike. You’re about to see how these handy spaces can support all kinds of businesses, big or small, in surprisingly helpful ways, and how cutting costs doesn’t mean cutting corners.

Note that I’ll only be naming 10 businesses here. If yours isn’t on the list, the use cases from other businesses will still show you how self-storage can apply to your particular scenario.

1. E-Commerce and Online Retailers

Online retailers often grapple with managing inventory within a limited space. Plus, if you’re a startup or a small business operating out of a tiny office or your home, the financial pressure of renting warehouse space doesn’t give you enough room to grow.

You need an affordable and scalable solution for e-commerce inventory storage — that’s exactly what self-storage units deliver.

Use Case Benefits of Storage Units
Excess inventory Reduces clutter, optimizes workspace
Seasonal products Ensures readiness for peak sales periods
Returns processing area Streamlines reverse logistics
Packaging and shipping supplies Organizes supplies for efficient order fulfillment
Storing high-value items Provides enhanced security for expensive items


2. Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

Say you’re a brick-and-mortar retailer. You want to make the most out of your retail space and also improve the overall shopping experience for customers along the way, right? The main problem is that your inventory can fluctuate greatly throughout the year.

So, to better deal with the seasonal trends —  both in terms of inventory and store decoration — and maintain a clutter-free sales floor and backroom, you can rent self-storage units on a month-to-month basis and scale up or down based on your needs.

Use Case Benefits of Storage Units
Seasonal decorations Frees up valuable space during off-seasons, ensuring a fresh in-store aesthetic
Overflow inventory Enables stock rotation and better in-store display management
Promotional materials Keeps marketing materials organized and ready for seasonal campaigns
Documents and records Maintains historical sales data and employee records securely offsite


3. Construction and Contracting Companies

Construction and contracting businesses often juggle multiple projects. This means they need a system to manage tools, equipment and materials efficiently. After all, when projects go smoothly, profits increase. You can mitigate loss and damage risks to your high-value tools with a secure and accessible storage unit (or more).

Use Case Benefits of Storage Units
Tools and equipment Ensures safe storage between jobs, and reduced wear and tear
Bulky materials Clears up space taken by lumber, tiles and fixtures
Job site organization Streamlines project setup and execution


4. Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives

Pharmaceutical sales reps often need temperature-controlled storage for drug samples and medical equipment to comply with industry standards and regulations. This also helps keep product literature in good shape.

Much easier than creating the appropriate setup at home, you can maintain the integrity of these items by renting climate-controlled self-storage nearby. Your temperature-sensitive samples are well preserved and your materials are better organized and readily accessible.

Use Case Benefits of Storage Units
Temperature-sensitive storage Maintains sample efficacy and compliance with health regulations
Inventory management Streamlines tracking and replenishment of sample stocks
Controlled substances Provides a compliant and secure environment for regulated drugs
Literature & promotional materials Organizes a wide range of informational materials for easy access


5. Real Estate Agents and Interior Designers

Staging furniture and decor can significantly enhance property appeal, there’s no doubt about it. Since these items are not always in use, real estate agents need a reliable solution to store and manage them between open houses.

The best call? Mobile storage units for businesses, as they can be easily moved from one property to another.

Use Case Benefits of Storage Units
Staging furniture and seasonal decor Allows for versatile property presentation options to appeal to market trends
Document and file storage Safeguards sensitive client documents and contracts
Real estate signage and banners Organizes and protects large marketing assets for easy reuse


6. Restaurants and Caterers

Restaurants and catering businesses often have to store extra equipment and non-perishable food items. In urban areas where space is at a premium, costs can add up pretty fast unless you make use of a storage unit.

This allows you to optimize the kitchen and service area. Plus, you’ll never miss out on a bulk purchasing opportunity anymore as you won’t have to worry about where to store it all.

Use Case Benefits of Storage Units
Seasonal decorations Maximizes dining area space by storing off-season items
Extra equipment Frees up kitchen space, improving operational efficiency
Bulk purchases Allows for cost savings through bulk buying of non-perishables, without cluttering
Event supplies Organizes supplies for catering events, ensuring readiness and efficiency

Note: You cannot store meat or vegetables in a storage unit. Grain and biscuits can also attract pests. Most canned foods can be stored safely but it’s best that you check first with the storage facility. Some may be more tolerant than others.

7. Law Practices and Accounting Firms

Everyone handling a significant volume of sensitive documents and records knows that confidentiality and compliance are not to be messed with. You can either go for a small climate-controlled storage unit or invest in dedicated solutions for document and file storage at select facilities.

Besides protecting against environmental damage and unauthorized access — things that both excel at — the latter can also provide document digitalization and shredding services should you need them.

Use Case Benefits of Storage Units
Document and file storage Protects sensitive information from environmental damage and theft
Archive organization Facilitates efficient retrieval and compliance with retention policies
Litigation support materials Stores case files and materials securely for easy access during active cases
Backup media Ensures secure and climate-controlled storage for digital backups and records


8. Artists, Crafters and Designers

Makers, crafters, artisans or really any creative business type make their money by selling a product. Whether you knit blankets, pour epoxy resin, chisel statues, mold clay, paint canvas or create any combination and more of the things mentioned here, you know that your products can quickly take up space at home.

Creative professionals often find storage for small businesses essential for expanding their workspace affordably. With a self-storage unit up your sleeve, you declutter your home. Plus, it’s a cheaper alternative than moving or expanding.

Use Case Benefits of Storage Units
Materials and supplies Keeps bulk materials organized and accessible, reducing clutter
Finished artworks Provides a safe environment for storing completed pieces (in climate-controlled units)
Workspace for large projects Offers additional space to work on oversized projects
Seasonal workshop expansion Accommodates increased production needs during peak seasons

Note: You may use a storage unit as a hobby workshop as long as the storage facility manager gives their okay but you cannot store paints or any flammable substances in there.

9. Event Planners

As an event planner, you want to deliver exceptional, memorable events every single time. For that, you are going to use a lot of items sporadically throughout the year — from themed decorations to bulky event equipment — and they all need a dynamic storage solution aka a mobile storage unit.

You can also rent a self-storage unit at a facility close to you, but make sure it has drive-up access for all the loading and unloading you’ll be doing for various events.

Use Case Benefits of Storage Units
Seasonal and themed event decorations Separates and stores items by theme for efficient planning, keeping them in excellent condition year-round
Audio-visual equipment Offers a secure place to store and protect valuable AV gear
Event furniture Keeps tables, chairs and staging items safe when not in use


10. Fitness Trainers and Gyms

Fitness trainers and gyms often accumulate extra equipment. They also like to stock up on promotional materials — the kind that makes you want to start exercising right away (or next Monday). Then there’s seasonal gear.

All this clutters the valuable space needed for training and exercise. So, how about maximizing usable space for clients and classes with the help of a handy self-storage unit? This way, you can focus on what you do best: promoting health and fitness.

Use Case Benefits of Storage Units
Seasonal gear Allows for rotation of equipment based on seasonal activities
Promotional materials Keeps marketing and event materials organized and in good shape for after the holidays
Extra equipment Frees up space in the gym for a cleaner, more inviting environment
Workshop and training supplies Organizes materials for special classes or workshops


Benefits of Storage Units for All Businesses

Whether you’re looking for inventory storage facilities, a place for securely archiving documents or you need extra office equipment storage, there’s a unit size for you. Now, all the commercial storage units are space-saving, of course, but what else is there in it to make you seal the deal?

For entrepreneurs and startups, the benefits of storage for small businesses extend beyond extra space. They include:

Flexibility: Business needs change a lot, and many self-storage facilities let you pick a bigger or smaller space whenever you need to, offering month-to-month leases so you don’t have to worry about long-term commitments.

Security: Keeping things safe is a big deal. Self-storage units have cameras, gates and alarms to help protect your business assets. Plus, you can add your best lock into the mix.

Cost-effective: Renting extra office space can be expensive. Unless you really need it for office activities, self-storage is a cheaper option that saves money for other important things.

Accessibility: Need to get to your stuff at any time? No problem. Business storage with 24/7 access is pretty common, so you don’t have to wait to get things done.

Storage for Small Business Times 10

Alright, we’ve taken a good look at why self-storage could be your next smart business move. Small units offer flexible storage for startups and that gives your business room to breathe and grow. You can also find plenty of industrial storage spaces for bulky equipment, not to mention retail stock storage solutions with inventory management perks that help your store thrive, be it online or offline.

And with benefits like being able to change unit sizes on the fly (well, monthly), keeping your valuables under lock and key and getting to your goods anytime, it’s clear that self-storage is a good business strategy for a wide range of small and medium businesses. Have you decided on a spot yet?