Entrepreneurship has been on the rise in recent years, and for good reason. Whether it be the chance to be a self-made millionaire, the pride in your own labor, or even just the benefits of being your own boss, there are currently 15 million Americans who are full-time and self employed.

That being said, running your own business can definitely come with its share of difficulties. You have to make sure there is a market need for your product or service, make sure you have enough money to stay open, and make sure you have the space to operate. And while we may not be able to help you with the former issues, self storage can definitely help your business when it comes to space.

So if you’re one of the 62% of adults worldwide who think entrepreneurship is a good career choice, here are X small businesses that can benefit from a storage unit.

1. Artisans, crafters, and Etsy shop owners

Makers, crafters, artisans, or really any creative business type make their money by selling a product. And whether you knight blankets, pour epoxy resin, chisel statues, mold clay, paint canvas, or really create any combination and more of the things mentioned here, you can know that your products can quickly take up space at home.

Crafters using a storage unit can benefit from the additional space by storing both their products and the materials used to create them, offering more work space at home and a cheaper alternative than moving or expanding. 

Quick tips for crafters using self storage include:

  • Find a storage unit with climate control to protect the weather-sensitive materials.
  • Look for a storage facility with 24-hour access to get to your things whenever you need.

Click here for further details on how self storage can help your craft shop.

2. Lawn care and landscaping businesses

The lawn care and landscaping industry has grown in the last few years, and now may be the time to get in. This industry offers you a chance to work with your hands, get plenty of time outdoors, and create something beautiful you and many others can and will appreciate later on. That being said, there can be some larger equipment to store—and that doesn’t even include vehicles.

Larger storage units can provide a secure location to store this equipment, saving you space back in your garage or driveway back at home.

Quick tips for landscaping companies using a storage unit include:

  • Make sure your storage has strong security features such as electronic gate access, video surveillance, and onsite management.
  • With heavier items and potentially vehicles, find a storage facility with drive-up units, allowing you to pull your trailer (or even your whole vehicle) write up into the unit for easy drop off and pick up.

3. Interior designers

When it comes to interior design, working with space is a must. If you’re just breaking into this industry, you may not have the room at home to store larger furniture, pictures, decor, and more. Reserving a storage unit for your interior design company allows you the space to keep these items, switching them out when needed in your showroom at your home or office with ease.

Quick tips for interior designers using a storage facility:

  • Make sure to find a storage unit with climate control, which will preserve your furniture despite the weather outside.
  • Security is a must to protect the costly furniture you’re storing.
  • With larger items, find a storage facility with drive up access for easy drop off and pick up.

Click here for further details on how self storage can help interior designers.

4. Photographers

May seem like a bit of a shocker, but with the right work, a storage unit can make a convenient studio for a photographer. With smaller spaces such as a 5×10 or 10×10, a storage unit can hold various backdrops and lights, allowing you a small studio space a lower cost than owning or renting studio space.

Quick tips for photography in self storage

  • With fabric backdrops and electronic lights being sensitive to water, make sure your storage unit has the climate control feature, which maintains a constant temperature and humidity level inside.
  • Electrical access is available in some storage facilities, which can be key when using lights.

The truth is, self storage can be a massive boon to small businesses. These are just a few examples. Do you run a small business out of a storage unit not listed here? If so, let us know how self storage has helped your business in the comments

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