Store your Etsy Shop with self storage


Etsy is a wonderful community of shops, store owners, and a digital cornucopia of items for people to window shop and order from the leisure their homes—and it’s not a bad place for store owners either. In fact, according to one article by the Motley Fool, Etsy’s strong growth can persist for the long haul.


So, whether you’re one of the many who have set up their world wide shop online through Etsy or are on the fence about it at the moment, we have some good news to share: self storage can be a great help for Etsy owners.


Why a storage unit is a must for Etsy


Etsy is a great venue for anything from handmade jewelry to the craftiest of home decor, but while you can post as many listings as you want online, you likely only have a finite space at your home or office. Enter self storage.


Renting a storage unit gives you a cheap alternative to upgrading your home or apartment to get more space. Even more so, a storage unit allows you the affordable option of getting the amount of space you need. If you’re starting small, you can rent a 5×5 or 5×10 unit, which is similar to a spare closet at home. And when the day comes that you’re taking more and more orders, go ahead and move up to the 10×20 or even 10×30 unit.


Storage features for Etsy owners


Another huge benefit to renting a storage unit for your Etsy shop is a number of features you can select to protect your valuable inventory. For instance, the most obvious features to look for focus on security. This is your inventory, your business, your income—you need to protect it.


Basic security features include video surveillance, but you can go the extra mile to protect your Etsy items by finding a storage facility with onsite management for a live, in-person response to any issues that may occur. You can even find facilities with electronic gate access, which requires a keycode to enter the facility.


Another feature that has been growing in popularity is climate control, and this is key if you’re operating out of an area with extreme seasonal weather. Fluctuations in temperatures can wreak havoc on certain items and materials such as wood and electronics. And high levels of humidity can cause paints to fade, fabrics to break down, and paper products to degrade. A storage unit with climate control maintains the temperature and humidity level, preserving your inventory—and your money.


Lastly, some storage facilities can even accept shipments on your behalf. This can be a huge timesaver when taking on massive orders that require a lot of materials to produce.


Organizing your Etsy shop in self storage


When you’ve found the right features and security for your shop, and it’s time to start storing your inventory, there are still some important things to note when storing your belongings, and it starts with preparing your items.


Carefully package your inventory is an important first step. Ensure that you’re using safe packaging materials, and avoid cheaper options such as newspaper, which can cause the ink to smear on your inventory. Be sure to label the boxes or totes you pack your items in so you can clearly see them later. This is also a key time to document your inventory, keeping a list on your phone, laptop, or notebook—or maybe all three just to be safe.


When you place your Etsy inventory in a storage unit, make sure you either bring in shelving or place wooden pallets or even a plastic sheet on the floor. Keeping your items elevated and off the floor offers another line of protection from moisture and pests.


Lastly, an important step is to be sure to line the wall of your unit rather than place all the items in the middle. This way, you have easy and quick access to everything that’s there. For larger inventories, you can create stacks or place the shelving in the middle, but be sure to create aisles for easy and equal access.


Once you’ve gotten your Etsy shop up and running through your storage unit, you can start running a smooth operation and enjoy the continued growth of your business. So, are you looking for a storage unit for your Etsy shop? Let help!

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