Are you looking to move to McKinney, TX? Located just north of Dallas, this city is a powerhouse of its own and has caught national attention with its population growth in recent years.

If you’re relocating, here’s what you need to know about McKinney

1. People are moving to McKinney for jobs.

If you’re on the fence or already in the process of moving to McKinney, know that you are far from alone. In an October 2020 report by WalletHub, McKinney is among the top fastest growing cities in the country right now. A big pull for this move is the socioeconomic opportunities that the city offers.

With an unemployment rate of 3.5% and a median household income of nearly $83,000—that’s almost $30k more than the national average—it’s no small wonder people are pulled here. Some of the city’s biggest employers include Liberty Mutual, Toyota, and Mario Sinacola Companies.

2. You’ll want your own car in McKinney

While we lead with a positive, it’s only fair to offer one complaint many residents may have with the area, and that’s the lack of public transportation. You do have your options with the Laidlaw Transit bus division or the Collin County Transit Taxi Voucher program for those who qualify.

And with a relatively low walk and bike score according to Walk Score, it’s safe to say McKinney is definitely a car-dependent town.

3. Plan ahead with these Master-Planned neighborhoods in McKinney

While Downtown McKinney was established in 1848—being one of the oldest historic districts in Texas—the city does offer an array of more master-planned cities from recent history. For instance, Craig ranch has more than 400 acres of green space to enjoy, while Stonebridge Ranch has swimming, tennis, and hiking.

This isn’t to say overlook Downtown McKinney. This gem has more than 120 local shops, restaurants, galleries, and community events to enjoy!

4. Enjoy the sun, but watch out for the heat

On average, McKinney sees more than 230 days of sunshine each year, and you may enjoy the mild weather each winter—just watch out for the hot summer days. With temperatures easily reaching into the triple digits from July through September, it’s just something to look out for.

5. The cost of living in McKinney

Overall, McKinney can cost you more than the average American city. provides a cost of living index, where the national average is 100. McKinney scored a 107.9. However, it’s worth noting you will see savings in key areas such as health, transportation, and other miscellaneous costs.

The biggest cost in McKinney is housing. Scoring a 136.5 according to BestPlaces, the median home cost is $315,700 in the city—more than $120,000 the average in Texas. And apartment rentals aren’t any cheaper, costing about $200 more each month in McKinney than even the DFW metro averages.

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