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Logan Livers often writes blog posts about using storage units for creative purposes and for storing outdoor equipment. In his spare time, he likes watching college sports, traveling, playing basketball, and being outdoors.

Getting Through Finals Week as Told in GIFs

Finals week can be a pretty rough week. Take a break for some laughs and see how closely your college life experience fits with these GIFs. 

The Most Stress-Free Way to Move Home from College this Summer

Moving back and forth between home and college can be pretty stressful. Storage.com has some tips to make the whole process easier. Check it out!

10 Best Cities for College Internships

Internships are a necessary part of the college life that will help you in your search for your next job. If you’re willing to pack up and move in order to get the internship of your dreams, then you ought to check out this list of the ten best cities where you just might land that perfect internship. Who knows, maybe it will turn into a full-time job!

Arizona State Students Save Money with Summer Self Storage

Many Arizona State students come from neighboring states such as California, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas. Packing up everything you own may not be ideal if you plan to stay during college. Find out how Arizona State students can save money by using a storage unit. 

Top 10 Universities with the Most Out-of-State Students

Do you dream of going to an out-of-state college, but aren’t sure where to go? Check out this list of ten universities that are drawing in the out-of-towners. Be sure to read about why so many students opt for an out-of-state education.

How to Winterize Your Boat for Self Storage

If it’s time to put the boat away for the winter, it is important to follow these steps in order to properly store your boat. Included in this post is advice from the Director of Consumer Protection, Charles Fort. 

How to Store an ATV in a Storage Unit

Chances are you don’t have room in your garage to store your ATV. Rather than parking it out in the open in your driveway, consider using self storage instead. Be sure to find a storage facility that has strong security features. Read this post to find out all there is to know about storing an ATV in a self storage unit.

Using a Storage Unit as a Soundstage

Storage.com spoke with Jesse Ament, marketing manager at STORExpress Self Storage, which was created for artists. Many bands use storage units as rehearsal spaces. Find out what he had to say about how to use a storage unit as a soundstage.

Military Storage: Storing a Vehicle While You’re Overseas

Transporting a personal vehicle overseas when on deployment is expensive and inconvenient. Learn how self storage can be used to store your car or truck while you’re overseas in the military.

Jet Ski Storage Tips

Jet skis are great fun for the summer, but need to be stored in cooler temperatures. Learn how to store your jet ski with preparations, features, and self storage.