Five quick things to know about Pearland, TX

In the southern part of Houston lies the wonderful city of Pearland, which is appreciated for its diversity, convenient location, and all-around comfortable cost of living. If you’re considering moving to Pearland, here’s what you need to know:

1. Pearland is growing—and quickly

According to an October 2020 report by WalletHub, Pearland is among the fastest growing cities in the country in both mid-size cities and overall, with sociodemographics—focusing on population growth, working-age population growth, and growth in college-educated people—being a driving factor in its high rank.

This growth also includes job opportunities, with healthcare, energy, and manufacturing being the industry leaders of the area. Pearland currently has a 3.0% unemployment rate, compared to Houston’s 3.9%, and the median income is nearly double in Pearland than it is in Houston as well. In fact, in recent years Pearland was named one of the fast-growing economies in the country.

2. Pearland is for the family

Any larger metropolitan area will have areas to avoid, thankfully, Pearland is not one of them. Ranked among Texas’s safest cities, Pearland has significantly less violent and property crimes than national averages. 

In addition to a safe life, families can breathe easy knowing their youth are getting a quality education, with the Pearland Independent School District ranked among the top 30 school districts in the state of Texas. The district boasts at 97% graduation rate of its high school students, with an average SAT score of 1280 and average ACT score of 28.

3. What do in Pearland

Pearland offers a number of experiences for its residents and visitors to enjoy, from enjoying three of its 18-hole golf courses, shopping at the Pearland Shopping Center, snagging a selfie with any of the painted pears of the Pear Scape, or enjoying any of Pearland’s great dining options. Locals love grabbing Vietnamese at Paris Banh Mi Pearland, enjoying Killen’s BBQ, or some Cajun comfort at Magnolia.

And if you’re wanting to get out of town, keep in mind that the beautiful Galveston is within an hour’s drive, meaning this year-round attraction is something you can enjoy everyday.

4. Explore your Pearland neighborhoods

Even suburb cities have their own unique neighborhoods, offering its residents facets of the overall flavor of a city.  For instance, Highland Crossing is one of the newest construction areas, offering plenty of green space and proximity to parks and trails, meanwhile Silverlake is one of the most successfully developed neighborhoods in the city. Be sure to explore and checkout each area for yourself!

5. The cost of living in Pearland is a little high

Overall, Pearland is pretty similar to the cost of living in the nation, but it is going to be more expensive than the state average—with housing being the biggest expense. The median home cost in Pearland $267,300, way up compared to Texas’s $195,000, and apartment rentals are easily $100 or more than even the Houston metro’s average.

Thankfully, we can help with this slight negative of the city. Whether you’re renting a Downtown Pearland apartment and need a little more room or you’re relocating to Silverlake, click here to learn more about how Pearland self storage can help.