Five Things about Reno, NV

Last Updated on March 11, 2024

The Biggest Little City in the World offers its residents some amazing amenities, attractive locales, and some of the best natural settings you’ll find around. And with expected growth in the area, now may be the time to experience this city for yourself.

If you’re thinking of relocating, here are five things to know before you move to Reno.

1. Reno is the best little city out there

Not only is it the best little city, it’s also the best. And no, this is not hyperbole. Best Cities has ranked Reno as the best little city in the country right now. Reno earned this ranking for a number of reasons, mostly revolving around the culture, innovation, and natural attractions nearby.

2. Enjoy Big Arts in the Little City

A big pull for the city is its investment in the arts and culture by the Reno Arts and Culture Commission. Founded in 1991, the commission has spent the better part of the past 30 years to make the city a leader. For example, the  city boasts it has spent $89 million on its arts and culture, more than $35.7 million more than the national median.

And the city has seen returns on some of these investments. For instance, while the city gave $200,000 in grants to nonprofits dedicated to arts and culture, the city has seen $7.9 million generated in state and local government revenue, bringing back more than 385% return on its investment.

3. Reno jobs growing beyond tourism

As with many Nevada cities, Reno definitely has a strong tourism scene from its hotels and casinos along the iconic Reno strip. However, in light of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, the city is witnessing a new leader emerge in its economy.

Reno has seen its logistics sector bouncing back quickly, becoming a driving force in the recovery after the pandemic, seeing more than 2,200 new jobs in this sector in the past month alone.

4. Hit the Truckee River

If you need a break from the big-little city life, you can hit the trail—or more accurately the water—and get out of town floating along the Truckee River. With a number of rafting companies to choose from, you can take a float down the waters with the snow-capped Mt. Rose for a scenic background in all your selfies.

5. Reno housing can get pricey

While the city is a great place to work, enjoy the arts, and get outside, it does come at a cost. ranks cities on a variety of costs, with 100 being the national average. Reno ranks above the national average. While you are likely to see savings in areas such as health or transportation, housing costs are the driving factor in the cities cost of living index.

For instance, the median home cost in Reno is $370,600 at the time this article was written, nearly $140,000 more than the national median home cost. And you’ll find that apartment rentals are typically higher than the state averages as well.

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