Now is a time where people are setting and even already breaking their new year’s resolutions. Common resolutions include getting fit, managing money, and getting better organized. Did you know that with the use of a storage unit, you can knock off two—and arguably three—of these resolutions?

If you’re looking to get more organized in 2020, here are a few ways a storage unit can help you meet your new year’s resolutions this year.

A storage unit helps clear your cluttered home or apartment

A common use for a storage unit is to help clear out the necessary clutter we all have in our lives, from the seasonal clothing boxes in our apartment to the holiday decorations in the basement. It’s stuff we can’t seem to part with permanently, but need seasonally known the less.

With the use of a storage unit, you can organize your home and keep these things you need. What’s better, it also helps you better manage your money as it’s cheaper than renting a larger apartment. Nationally, a one bedroom apartment is $200 cheaper than a two bedroom, but in some states, such as California, the difference can be as much as $400. By comparison, you can find a 5×10 unit in Los Angeles for as lost as $67.

So you get more space to organize and better bang for your buck.

How to use a storage unit to get organized

We’ve written about this before, and we definitely recommend searching through our blog for more in-depth means of decluttering your home. For a quick rundown on how to organize your home, we recommend taking 15 minutes a day, one room at a time, and do the following:

Grab each item you’re looking to organize and ask yourself if you need it, have space for it, or feel happy having it? If you need it or it makes you happy and have a space for it, then put it where it belongs. If you need it or it makes you happy, but don’t have space for it, then place it in a pile meant for the storage unit. If it doesn’t make you happy or have a need, then it’s time to part ways with it via the trash or donation.

From there, take your storage pile, find which storage features will accommodate them, then use our search tools to find the best storage unit for your situation. From there, take the time to carefully pack each item properly. We recommend writing down what’s going into storage on your phone or a notepad you won’t lose to keep track of what’s in the unit.

You can start the year 2020 checking off two resolutions at once by getting organized and saving money with a storage unit, and will always be here to help you along the way—from finding the best storage unit in your city to tips on storing your stuff

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