How to store a mattress in a storage unit


Whether you’re living in an apartment or a house, you know that one thing is for certain: a good mattress is a valuable, if not pricey, investment. This high cost can make it difficult to part with an old mattress even when you purchase a new one or make it difficult to want to part with it during temporary storage.


So, how can you properly store a mattress for a storage unit? With the proper steps ahead of time as well as careful storage practices, storing a mattress in self storage can protect your investment for the long haul, making it ready for its next owner or new home.


Clean your mattress before placing it in self storage


There are a number of ways to clean a mattress before placing it in a storage unit, but the easiest is using a vacuum and upholstery cleaner.  Begin by removing the mattress and boxspring from the bed frame then remove all the bedding. From here, sprinkle baking soda on the mattress to absorb any odors before vacuuming the soda back up. From here, give the mattress time to air out.


Wrap plastic around the mattress


Regardless of whether you’re using a coil-spring, memory, or hybrid foam, you’ll need to wrap your mattress in a light, somewhat breathable plastic. You can even find a specialized mattress-storage bag. Essentially, the bag needs to ensure that there is no chance for moisture to get in and to the mattress, so make sure there are no holes. Avoid getting a plastic that is too thick, as this could trap moisture in.


This moisture can cause mold and mildew damage, which at the very least will cause a nasty smell and at the very worst cost you a mattress.


Find the right storage unit and features for your mattress


Once you have your mattress clean and wrapped and ready for storage, it’s time to find the best storage unit for your mattress. If you’re not catching on, water and moisture are the enemy of a mattress. That being said, finding a storage unit with the climate control as this feature will maintain a constant temperature and humidity level within the unit, keeping that water out of your mattress.


Mattresses are also a costly expense, so you can protect these investments by having strong security features such as electronic gate access, which requires a keycode to enter the facility. Also look for facilities with video surveillance and onsite management.


How to place your mattress in a storage unit

Handle the mattress with care both during transportation and storage, always being careful to not tear the protective covering. While there is a comically nostalgic image of strapping the mattress to the top of the family sedan, avoid it. This not only puts your mattress at the mercy of the weather, it also could cause bending. It’s best to keep the the mattress lying flat on a covered truck.


Speaking of laying the mattress flat, this continues on even when placed in the storage unit. This is to maintain its shape, which is important even if you’re storing a memory foam mattress. Also, do not store anything on top of the mattress. While this may seem like a misuse of space, it prevents any indentations from forming, again maintaining the structure and integrity of your mattress.


When it comes time to pull your mattress out of storage, inspect it carefully to make sure no moisture or unwanted pests made its way in. Also look for any indentations or folds that you won’t want.


Beds are costly investments, keep your investment for the long haul by properly storing your mattress in a storage unit.

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