How to store artwork


They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this is especially true when it comes to paintings and works of art. And whether you find beauty in your children’s paintings or the latest masterpiece purchased at your local gallery, those who own a painting can face the situation where these works of art need to go into storage.


So, how do you place workout in a storage unit? As with most self storage situations, the right preparation, storage features, and care will ensure the life of your artwork while it rests in a storage unit.


Preparing a painting for a storage unit


The first step to take when placing your artwork in a storage unit is at home. Take time to carefully clean your artwork with a microfiber cloth to remove any dust or unseen contaminants. This will help prevent any small abrasions or mildew growth from occurring.


From here, it may be necessary to place your painting between sheets of acid-free paper or in some form of an acid-free container. Such materials will help stop yellowing or degrading from taking place over time. If you’re painting is framed, you can wrap the artwork in bubble wrap or packing materials.


Features for storing artwork


Once you’ve taken care of the the prep work, begin looking for a storage unit with key features for your artwork. For instance, if you’re storing an expensive piece, find a storage facility with strong security features such as electronic gate access, which requires a keycode to enter. You may also desire a facility with video surveillance cameras as well as onsite management.


Another feature that will protect your artwork is climate control. Most paintings don’t hold up well in high humidity or range of temperatures where mildew may grow or colors may fade. A storage unit with climate control maintains a constant temperature and humidity level.


Placing an artwork in self storage


When transporting your artwork, make sure it’s secured in such a way that it won’t bounce around while in the car or moving van. Once there, take care to store your paintings by laying them on a flat surface. This will help them keep their shape over time.


If placing your paintings in long-term storage, it may be worth visiting them occasionally to air—especially if a climate-controlled storage unit is not available.


When it comes time to remove the paintings from storage, inspect them carefully and remember to transport them securely to prevent any movement from occurring.


Art is beautiful, and it can be preserved with the right steps, features, and care. To start storing your painting, check out our directory and find the best facility in your area.

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