How to Store Halloween Decorations


Move over Christmas. Whether it be the advancement of LED lighting, societies strange fascination with zombies, or just the irresistible urge to decorate our homes, more and more people are putting up lights and decorations for Halloween.


However, just like those beloved Christmas decorations, Halloween decor can take up space in your home or apartment, and nobody wants literal skeletons in their closet. Thankfully, self storage is here to help. And whether you just need a 5×5 to stow away a few witches or a whole 10×20 for your zombie army, a storage unit is a great solution to storing your Halloween decorations.


Organize and sort your Halloween decorations


Don’t make the mistake of throwing all your decorations in a single large box. For one, the Mad Scientist and Frankenstein might not get along, but more importantly, the jumbled mess is a great place for accidents, scraps, and damage to occur when moving and storage—not to mention you may lose track of which witch is where!


This step should begin even as you’re taking down your decorations. After making sure they’re all clean and in working order, begin placing your Halloween decorations either in original packaging, if available, or large, airtight plastic totes. This will help keep your decorations in great condition, and the plastic totes will help lockout moisture in the air as well as potential pests.


We recommend categorizing each box, such as body parts in one, lights in another, and inflatable in a third. At this time, you should also take inventory and record what you’re storing on your phone or piece of paper. Lastly, clearly label each box so you know what is in each container when it comes time to pick up.


Storage features for Halloween decorations


Think you just need the space to store your rotting corpses? Think again. Plastics and rubbers used in your fake horde of undead can melt in high temperatures, and we don’t need Dorothy and Oz to remind us how much witches hate water. That being said, there are some key storage features to help protect your Halloween decorations.


For instance, we mention weather-related damages such as heat and humidity. To prevent such damage from occurring, store your Halloween decorations in a climate controlled storage unit, which will maintain a constant temperature and humidity level within the unit. Another important factor to protect your pricey Halloween decorations is security features such as electronic gate access, video surveillance, and onsite management.


Lastly, and especially for those who go all out in turning your home into a house of horrors, you may consider a storage unit with drive up access for your Halloween decorations. With this feature, you can pull your vehicle up to the unit for easy drop off and pick up each year.


Place your Halloween decorations in a storage unit


Much like the citizens of the Halloween Town, we all must accept that Halloween is over, and now is the time to place your decorations in a storage unit. Once you have all your boxes packed up and have select the right storage unit, there are still a few steps you can take to have the best storage experience.


Rather than making the common mistake of placing all your belongings in a stack at the back of the unit, place your boxed Halloween decorations around the wall of the unit, creating a parameter on the room that allows you easy viewing of all that’s stored. If you have too much stuff to perform this feat, be sure to create easily accessible aisles through your tombstones and skulls.


Year after year, people are eager to get into the holiday season by kicking it off with Halloween decorations. Thankfully, with the right steps and storage features, self storage can help you get into the season without sacrificing your space.

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