How to store photographs


In the digital age, it can be easy to to overlook the value of printing off and having hard copies of photographs. Whatsmore, often times old family photos aren’t digitized, and grow more and more fragile as the years pass. Unfortunately, keeping these pictures at home is not always feasible or even the best option for their preservation. So how do you safely store photographs? Self storage.


Placing your photographs into a storage unit can be a great and safe way to store an archive of family photos, historical documents, and more.


Placing photographs in self storage


As with most documents, placing photographs in a storage unit can keep them safe and preserved, but only with the right conditions and storage features. For starters, for more people storing boxes of family photos will only need a 5×5 storage unit. These units are roughly the size of a spare closet, which are perfect for smaller self storage needs. Here are some more considerations when placing pictures in self storage.



  • Climate control: Whether freshly printed or passed down from generations, photographs can be prone to fading, yellowing, and degrading. To combat this, find a climate controlled storage unit for your photographs. This feature maintains a constant temperature and humidity level to preserve your items. Furthermore, find a storage unit in the interior of your storage facility to avoid sunlight.
  • Pest control: In addition to climate control, find a storage facility with regular pest control. This will prevent pests from nesting inside your precious photos, further keeping them safe while in storage.
  • Security: Photos of a high personal or even historical value need to be protected from any risk of vandalism. Find a storage facility with strong features such as electronic gate access and 24-hour video surveillance to prevent anyone from getting on the facility that doesn’t belong.



Preparing your photos for self storage


Once you’ve found the storage facility perfect for your photos, you can begin to prepare the pictures for self storage. It is recommended you place your photos in individual-sleeved photo albums, or at the very least inside acid-free tissue paper. These albums can then be placed inside an acid-free paper storage box. The acid-free paper and storage boxes will help prevent the photos from breaking down over time from acids and oils collected from your finger prints.


Begin storing your photos today


When all your photos are ready, you can start your photography self storage today. Using our strong online directories allows you to find the perfect storage facility for your photographs, and you can reserve directly online today! Thanks for using for all your self storage needs.

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