Any time you start moving large quantities of your belongings from one place to another, you run the risk of losing, breaking, or otherwise misplacing your items. After all, what might be easy to remember and take care of in one box quickly becomes overwhelming when you’re talking about dozens of boxes compacted and stored in a closet or storage facility.

Fortunately mobile apps and services exist to help make moving and storage easy. Like keeping a running inventory in a warehouse, you can use an organization app to list the contents of your storage unit, make notes of what’s important, keep track of a major move, or even create and scan bar codes to keep a large number of boxes in order.

Basic Storage Apps

moving-and-storage-appsYou don’t have to go high-end in order to keep track of your storage unit’s contents. One easy way to organize your space is through a popular app like Evernote. Designed for use on computers, mobile phones, and tablets, this app can be used for more than just storage facilities, which only increases its appeal. Take notes and snap pictures of the contents, access your information no matter where you are, and share with others who might need access.

Because this information is stored digitally, you don’t have to worry about keeping a hard copy of a list.

Inventory Tracking Apps

If you need more than just a few personalized notes on what’s in your storage unit, you may want to try a more advanced inventory tracking app. Although these are designed to appeal to small business owners and retailers, you can easily translate the service for personal use.

Inventory apps like this one offered via iParty! Allow you to maintain an overarching snapshot of your storage unit’s contents, which you can update when items get moved, added, or otherwise changed. More advanced apps might even allow you to make and scan barcodes so that you can quickly go through your storage unit boxes to find what you need.

Moving Apps

You can keep track of a storage unit or make a big move easier with a moving day app (like this one, appropriately named Moving Day). Like inventory trackers, you have the option to create barcodes and labels, as well as to create a catalog and list of your contents. Many moving apps also come with tips and tricks for packing and maintaining your calm on the big day.

The larger your storage unit, the better the chances that items can get lost or misplaced—and that you’ll have to spend hours digging through the boxes to find what you need. Although using a moving and storage unit app will take more time up front, the benefits over the long term are usually well worth it. Get organized before you start packing—and stay organized long after you lock the door on your storage unit and drive away.

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