Self Storage for Traveling Professionals

By Logan Livers,

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There are plenty of professions that take people all around the world. If you have a job that always has you on the move, it can be difficult to hold on to seasonal and other non-essential items.

Instead of getting rid of these belongings altogether or going through the pain of taking them with you, there’s a simple and affordable solution for all traveling professionals—self storage.

Why Traveling Professionals Use Self Storage

photographer in foreign country

Whether you’re a traveling nurse, destination wedding photographer, archaeologist, journalist, or ESL teacher, you most likely have a lot of belongings you don’t want to get rid of. But with your line of work, it’s difficult or downright impossible to bring those things with you wherever you go, so certain items need to be left behind. Instead of throwing things away, leaving them with a friend or family member, or selling them to a pawn shop, you can keep them safe and sound in a storage unit near your permanent home.

Self storage is a great solution for traveling professionals and provides the following benefits:

  • Affordable Rates: Renting a storage unit is a far more affordable option than paying rent on an apartment you aren’t even living in (Learn how to find affordable storage).
  • Plenty of Space: You can find the exact storage unit size you need to fit your belongings, whether you’re storing just a few things or everything you own while you’re away.
  • High Levels of Security: Rest easy knowing your valuables are safe when you’re traveling for work. Many storage facilities offer great security features like video surveillance or alarmed units.
  • Climate Control: When storing sensitive items like clothing, wooden furniture, or electronics, you could get a climate-controlled storage unit to protect them from extreme temperatures and humidity. Without a climate-controlled unit, you run the risk of these sensitive materials getting damaged.
  • Vehicle Storage: If you don’t need your vehicle when you’re traveling for work, you can keep it safe at a storage facility. Most facilities have outdoor parking, but some have covered or indoor spaces.

Common Items Stored by Traveling Professionals

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Traveling professionals are better than most people at not collecting clutter since they’re often away from home for months or even years while on a job. But they do have items they can’t take on the road with them that they still want to keep for when they are back at home. Rather than leaving items in an empty home, many traveling professionals choose to store their belongings at a storage facility nearby.

For travelers who keep their apartments, condos, or houses while they’re away, they may only store important valuables, such as birth certificates, tax documents, family heirlooms, photos, jewelry, antiques, and other hard-to-replace items. But for travelers who end their rental agreements or sell their homes, a storage unit may essentially hold everything they own that they don’t need to take with them, including furniture, lawn equipment, recreational gear, clothing and accessories, home decor, vehicles, etc.

Don’t make your traveling job stressful by trying to take everything you own with you wherever you go. Instead, use self storage to securely store your belongings while you travel the world and do what you love. Then, you’ll be able to travel light, and save yourself the stress of additional packing.