Is The Ultimate Survival Tool

How well are you surviving the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE? is here to help!  Quite literally we’re meeting with self storage owners all over the country to share our message, “don’t be caught dead without!”

Earlier this month survived a Zombie Apocalypse in Las Vegas.  This week we moved eastward to Philadelphia, where we shared survival skills as part of the Self Storage Association Trade Show held April 22-24th.

During SSA, the walking dead roamed the booth and inspired people to pick up a personal Zombie Survival Kit.  The team also hosted several facility owners at a Philadelphia Phillies baseball game on Monday night.  We all enjoyed some great baseball and were entertained to find  more of the undead wandering the stadium.

It’s easy to have fun even during a “serious” zombie threat. thrives in a threatening environment (namely media overload)., is an aggregator website and search engine optimization tool for self-storage facilities.  We make storage more accessible and appealing to an increasingly tech-savvy consumer base. Our products and services literally give self storage properties the ability to attract new customers and survive the challenges faced in today’s competitive market.

Our Zombie Apocalypse campaign is how we’re showing storage owners that just like zombies can grab their attention, we can and will generate consumer attention for their facility.