By Graci Woodworth, is an advocate of a cleaner home, whether through helpful tips for tackling clutter or the use of a storage unit.

Need a place to store belongings while you’re spring cleaning? Look no further than self storage.

Whether you’re removing clutter from your closets, basement, attic, or garage, or you’re remodeling one or multiple rooms of your home, a storage unit gives you a place to keep your belongings safe and out of the way. And the best part about using a storage unit while spring cleaning? You don’t have to donate or trash any items you want to keep around! It’s the perfect way to hang on to your things but get them out of sight.

Storage Features to Look for When You’re Clearing Clutter


Storing nonessential items in a storage unit—like lawn care equipment, sporting gear, seasonal clothing, hand-me-downs, baby items, and extra furniture—means you can get back the space you’ve been looking for at home. When looking for a storage facility for these items, here are some features to keep in mind:

Facility Location: When storing personal belongings, you don’t want to drive all the way across town to get them if (and when) you need them again. Find a storage facility that’s close to home.

Drive-Up Access: When moving heavy, awkward items like furniture, appliances, equipment, or boxes out of your home, there’s always the concern of physical injury, especially with your back. By renting a storage unit with drive-up access, you can eliminate the possibility of injury and save time. Drive-up access allows you to pull your car right up to your unit and unload everything within minutes.

Climate Control: If you plan to store electronics, antiques, wooden or leather furniture, clothing, musical instruments, photos, and other items that are sensitive to extreme heat, cold, and humidity, you’ll want climate-controlled storage. This feature keeps your unit at a temperature between 55-85°F with low humidity.

Storage Features to Look for When You’re Remodeling


When remodeling, you’ll have to clear the room of all furniture and belongings. Rather than moving everything to another room of your home (which means more clutter), move the room’s items to self storage. Here are some storage features you may want when revamping your living space:

Short-Term Rental Agreement: Because remodeling is a temporary spring cleaning project, you probably don’t want to rent a storage unit for a full year. Look for facilities offering short-term leasing options. Many facilities offer month-to-month or weekly rentals for temporary storage needs.

Advanced Security: Furniture and appliances aren’t cheap investments, and home décor and personal belongings have sentimental value. When storing these items, you don’t want them damaged or stolen, so find a facility that has extra security. Most facilities have unit locks and some type of gated access, but facilities with video surveillance, alarmed units, or on-site management go the extra mile.

Unit Size: The best unit size for your things will ultimately depend on how many rooms you’re looking to renovate. A 5×10 can store a mattress set, small furniture, and several boxes without an issue, so it’s perfect for a small room remodel. But if you’re remodeling multiple rooms or an entire basement, you may need a 10×10 or 10×20. See our self storage unit size guide to learn more about the unit size you need.

Whether you have seasonal clutter to tame or big transformation plans up your sleeve, you can get the job done more efficiently with everything out of the way and temporarily stored in a unit near your home.

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