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When the time comes to store your personal golf cart, you should know that there are specific steps you must take to ensure your golf cart stays in good condition. Whether you’re putting your cart away for the season or need somewhere safe to keep it when you go out of town, follow these guidelines for storing a golf cart in a storage unit.

Preparing Your Golf Cart for Storage 

While regularly washing your golf cart is important, you should also powerwash it before putting it into your storage unit, especially around the motor and battery. That way, your cart will be clean and ready to go when you take it out of storage.

You should examine the tire pressure of all the tires and make sure that they’re set to the standard psi as well. The recommended tire pressure for golf carts varies from 12-14 psi for gas carts and 18-20 psi for electric carts. Underinflated or overinflated tires on your golf cart can cause damage over an extended period of time while stored, so taking the time to check your tires can decrease your chances of finding a flat.

Also, service the battery or motor before storing a golf cart in your storage unit. With a battery-powered cart, the first thing you should do is take the time to check the water levels in the batteries and make sure that all of the plugs are connected and tightened. If you plan on charging your battery in the storage unit, it’s crucial to check the electrolyte level and charger function in the battery at least once a month. If it’s not possible to check them that often, then you should disconnect the batteries for the entire storage period.

Gas-powered carts are a lot easier to maintain for storage because all you have to do is drain the fuel in the gas tank, make sure the motor has oil, and unplug the battery cables, starting with the negative cable.

Remember, too, that when you place your golf cart in a self storage unit, you need to take the cart out of park and put it in neutral with a brick or 2×4 under the tire to keep it in place. While this may seem insignificant, this step can make all the difference in keeping your brakes in working condition.

Recommended Storage Features for Storing Your Golf Cart 

The first thing you should consider when putting your golf cart in storage is what storage unit size it will take to house your golf cart. This really depends on the size of the cart, itself, and how many golf carts you plan to store. But if you’re only storing one golf cart, then you should have no problem getting it to fit in a 10×15 storage unit.

Once you’ve determined the size of your storage unit, then you should think about whether or not you want a climate-controlled unit. While this is ultimately up to you, getting climate-controlled storage for your golf cart is beneficial, especially if you’re going to store it throughout the winter. This feature is definitely worth it for electric carts because batteries tend to lose some charge capacity after being exposed to cold weather for a long time.

Look into storage facilities with drive-up access as well. This feature allows you to drive your car or truck right up to your ground-level unit and load/unload quickly. Since you’ll probably be hauling your golf cart to your favorite golf course, having a unit where you can get it into your car or truck without a lot of hassle can be a time-saver.

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