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5 Cities That Know How to Do Christmas Lights Right

Neighborhoods all over the U.S. are decked out in Christmas lights for the holiday season. While there are many top contenders for cities with the best Christmas lights, we've chosen five of our favorite. Check them out! Who knows, maybe your neighborhood made the list!

13 Real Reasons People Call Brooklyn Home

More people are making the choice to call Brooklyn home. And while it’s not as flashy as some of its neighbors, this guide to the city shows you reasons to make this borough your home. 

Top 10 Best Cities for Traveling Nurses

One of the many perks about being a traveling nurse is the opportunity to live in several different cities over the course of your career. Not sure where you want to travel to next? Consult this list of the ten best places to live for traveling nurses.

11 Most Expensive Cities for Renting an Apartment

There’s no sugar coating it, the popular cities tend to be some of the most expensive ones to live in. Find out just how much you can expect to spend, as well as how to get the most bang for your buck if you plan to move to any of these 11 cities.

How to Find Cheap New York City Storage

New York City is known for its small living spaces, a sacrifice residents must make in order to live in the beloved city. Luckily there are plenty of self storage units all over the places, so finding one near your home or apartment is easy. We know living in NYC can be pricey, so find out how you can find cheap storage!

10 Best Cities for College Internships

Internships are a necessary part of the college life that will help you in your search for your next job. If you’re willing to pack up and move in order to get the internship of your dreams, then you ought to check out this list of the ten best cities where you just might land that perfect internship. Who knows, maybe it will turn into a full-time job!