By Stephanie Hyland,

When it comes to storing personal belongings at a self storage facility, whether it’s a long or short-term arrangement, one of the primary questions individuals usually have is, “Are my belongings going to be safe?” If you have never reserved a storage unit before or don’t know what type of security features are offered, review this list of features that can be found at a variety of storage facilities across the United States and determine which features are the most important to you!

1. Secure Perimeter


No Tresspassing

One of the first things renters will notice when arriving at a storage facility is if the area has a secure perimeter that will prevent just anyone from walking onto the property unannounced. It is important to consider using a self storage facility that protects the property with a high gated fence or cement walls. Some facilities even have state-of-the-art security beams located in certain areas that will sound if anything walks through them after they have been activated.

2. Access Your Storage Unit With a Personalized Key Code 



Self storage facilities that offer personalized key code access will put renters at ease since a personalized code is often times the only way the gates to the property can be accessed, both coming and going. Since each key code is personalized by the individual who is renting a storage space, renters can rest assured that anyone who is coming and going from the property is only doing so by using their designated code.

3. Use Secure Locks On Your Storage Unit



Once you have unloaded all of your belongings into the storage unit you reserved, make sure that you have secured the space with a reliable lock. A padlock or a disk lock will help keep anyone who isn’t supposed to be in your storage unit out. Did you forget a lock? Ask the facility manager if a lock is included in your rental agreement since many self storage facilities provide this feature to renters. If a lock is not included in your contract and you forgot to to bring one, many facilities have them for sale in the front office.

4. Individually Alarmed Storage Units



If you are looking for something more than just a standard padlock on your storage unit, seek out storage facilities in your area that offer individually alarmed storage units. This type of security feature will sound an alarm if the storage unit is accessed improperly. This alarm will not only scare off any potential intruders, it will also alert the facility manager and staff that a self storage unit may be vulnerable.

5. The Resident Manager Is There To Help You



A storage facility that provides resident management ensures that there is always going to be someone available on the property to deal with any emergencies that may arise. Having a manager at the front desk 24-hours a day will not only make getting your questions answered easier, but it will also help defer any funny business that may try to find its way onto the property.

6. Eyes Are Everywhere With 24- Hour Video Surveillance


Security Camera

Video surveillance is a security feature that you will see often in the self storage industry. By having video surveillance cameras placed at the main gate and in a variety of other locations throughout the property, the management team and staff at the self storage facility will be able to have eyes and ears in every area of the facility. Being able to have a time stamped and visual confirmation of who comes and goes from the property is a layer of protection that can’t be beat!

7. Security Lighting


Well-lit Storage Facility

Whether you have reserved an indoor or outdoor storage unit, it is important to rent a storage unit at a facility that makes it a priority to keep the property well-lit. This is especially important if you ever have to visit your storage unit during the evening hours or if the property does not have an on-site manager. A well lit facility will not only make it easy to see inside your storage unit, it will also help keep you safe from any surprises.

8. Security Guards



Security guards are another precaution that some self storage facilities provide renters. Having an extra set of eyes on the property while you are visiting or not accessing your unit will help ensure that you and your belongings are safe at all times.

9. Intercom Systems



Intercom systems make it easy for renters to reach management in the front office in the event that an issue arises near your storage unit or at the front gate. Being able to easily get in contact with a manager or staff member can help renters resolve any issues or ask any questions they may have while on the property.

10. Fire Alarms and Smoke Detectors


Fire alarm

Accidents can happen. That is why it is important that the storage facility you choose is well equipped with fire alarms, smoke detectors, and up-to-date fire extinguishers should a fire ever occur.


Every storage facility offers a different combination of security features, so it is important to do your research before reserving a unit. By becoming familiar with the security features that are offered at the self storage facility you choose, you can walk away from your storage unit with peace of mind knowing that your belongings will be in good hands while they are being stored at an off site location.

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  1. Thanks for the tip about making sure that there are enough security lighting in the area. I will have to see about getting a storage unit that is secure enough. Hopefully there are some in the area that fit at least some of the requirements.

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