5 Facts of Life in San Antonio

It’s rarely  a surprise to see a number of Texas cities make appearances on any lists of top-ranked cities throughout the country. With great weather, awesome mix of cultures, and ample job opportunities, it is no small wonder. Take San Antonio, for example, this Texas city is routinely recognized as an amazing place to live and work.

If you’re considering moving to San Antonio, here’s a few facts you need to know about the city.

1. San Antonio is large—and it’s not done growing

San Antonio has been a part of the United States’ largest cities for many years now, currently ranked seven with north of 1.5 million residents calling the city home, and more than 2.3 million living in the greater metro area. What’s more, the city continues to grow. While not the fastest-growing city in Texas, San Antonio is among the top 25 fastest growing large cities in the country according to a WalletHub report.

2. Tech jobs are booming in San Antonio

While becoming the new Silicon Valley borders cliché, it’s safe to say San Antonio is proving you can move beyond the valley. Recognized as one of the top cities for tech jobs in 2019 by SmartAsset, San Antonio tech workers make nearly double the salary of the average work across all other professions in the city. The cost of living helps attract more new workers as well, but more on that in our next point.

3. San Antonio offers big city amenities on an affordable budget

Compared to cities of similar sizes, San Antonio’s cost of living is low. According to a payscale report, it’s on average 14% cheaper to live here than other cities, and the biggest driver of this point is the housing cost, coming in 24% lower than the national average, though most other factors such as utilities and groceries are still lower than the rest of the nation as well.

4. San Antonio is proud of its military history

While the city may be booming in growth and technology, the people of San Antonio treasure their history, especially when it comes to involvement with the military. Surely everyone remembers the Alamo, but more recently San Antonio is home to Joint Base San Antonio, primarily serving the Air Force.

5. San Antonio’s food scene is awesome and far beyond tacos

Though the tacos in the city are worth checking out, San Antonio is among the best cities for foodies in the country according to Insider.com. Check out local favorites such as Jamaica Jamaica Cuisine, the seafood at Boudro’s, or—of course—tacos at Sangria On the Burg.

These are just a few things to know about life in San Antonio, and we welcome any further additions and ideas in the comments below.

It’s also worth repeating that San Antonio is still growing, and while housing is affordable, space can still be hard to come by. If you’re looking to make San Antonio you’re home, click here to learn how San Antonio self storage can help.