5 Quick Things You Need to Know about Charlotte 

Charlotte continues to grow, overtaking Indianapolis as the 16th largest city in the United States, adding more than 13,100 residents between 2017 and 2018, topping its population north of 872,500 people. With great job opportunities, plenty to do, and a thriving and friendly culture, you may find yourself wanting to relocate to the Queen City. And if so, here are a 5 quick things to know about Charlotte.

1. Uptown is downtown and other neighborhoods in Charlotte.

As is the case with most major cities, you’re going to find different parts of town offer different flavors and meet different preferences. For instance, you’ll find Ballantyne is a great suburb for families, meanwhile, South Park will offer you a more upscale life, or you can enjoy the historic Elizabeth with its charming street car. We recommend you explore Charlotte neighborhoods.

Another important thing to note, if you hear someone talking about Uptown, they’re talking about downtown Charlotte.

2. Banking and tech jobs aplenty in Charlotte

If you’re moving to Charlotte for a job, then you should know that banking and tech jobs rule here. Firstly, Charlotte has long been know as a big banking city, recently reclaiming it’s title as the nation’s second-largest banking center in the country. This is likely due to banks such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo setting up their headquarters here. However, what most people don’t know right away is the tech presence in North Carolina.

In fact, Charlotte is among the top ten tech towns according to a Comptia report, showing a 9% growth rate over the next five years with plenty of spots open for developers, software engineers, and data analysts.

3. Charlotte is full of southern charm and hospitality

Unless you’re coming from the Midwest, you may get caught off guard when your first stranger gives you a smiling, “Hello,” or neighbor asks how you’re doing here. In short, the people of Charlotte are friendly and genuine, so much so that its even recognized as one of the top friendliest cities in America by Big Seven Travel for being a “big city with a small town heart.”

4. Life is affordable in Charlotte

People in Charlotte love how affordable the Queen City is. For starters, the median housing cost is $13,000 below the national average ($227,025 national average versus Charlotte’s $213,983,) But going further you’ll find that everything from groceries to transportation is going to be a little bit cheaper here than other major cities, and every little bit helps in creating an affordable life.

5. There are plenty of sports in Charlotte

If you like sports of all kinds, Charlotte is the place for you. The city has the Carolina Panthers in the NFL, the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets, and the MiLB’s BB&T Knights as well as a slew of NASCAR tracks and offices—including the NASCAR Hall of Fame. That being said, sports can be a big deal here. In fact, the Hornet’s Nest was actually named among the top 30 sports cities in America in a recent WalletHub report.

Now these are just five quick things you should know about Charlotte, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any more. Is there something we missed that you want to share? Tell us below!

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