5 Quick Tips for Life in Chicago

Last Updated on March 11, 2024

For those who want the amenities of the big city with all the friendliness of the Midwest, then Chicago is the place for you. With a pleasant mix of jobs, thriving and diverse cultural scenes, and more, the Windy City can be the place for you. 

If you’re looking to move to the Windy City, here are a few quick tips for life in Chicago.

1. Your community matters

One city, nine districts, and more than 70—by some estimations as high as 200—distinct neighborhoods, the place you choose to matters. For example, Downtown Chicago is typically full of tourist items, think “The Bean”, while younger folks may flock to the northern part of town. Regardless of where you choose to live, most residents will agree it’s nice to get out and experience the other neighborhoods.

Click here to explore at least 77 of Chicago’s communities.

2. Be prepared for all kinds of weather

The idea of somewhat sporadic, abrupt, and oftentimes obnoxious weather changes in a week is not entirely uncommon in Midwestern cities. We can get snow as early as October with 70 degree weather in the same week. What makes Chicago somewhat more unique in this matter, however, is the lake effect. The nearby Lake Michigan creates some chilling winds and strong gusts, so be ready for that weather.

3. Deep dish is good, but there’s more than that here

There’s no denying Deep Dish is amazing, but much like the assortment of neighborhoods, it’s good to branch out and experience more. Checkout local-favorite restaurants such as The Whale, a diner spot that many love to brunch at. Or, for a more intimate setting, visit Penumbra. This wine bar has a great selection of food, such as the rotini or crab cakes, and definitely sets the mood for a romantic date night.

4. Be prepared to either drive forever or not at all

To be frank, the rush hour here can suck a lot of time from your day. So, you can either be prepared to drive a lot, or you can save yourself the trouble by opting not to drive during your commute at all. Locals can choose to bike, walk, rideshare, but most go with a Ventra card. This pass will be a godsend if you want to take the L—the elevated train over Chicago.

5. Chicago self storage can go a long way

Space can often come at a premium, and even the Midwestern gem of Chicago has its limit on living room. Thankfully, there’s Chicago self storage. A storage unit can be a great way to help you expand your living space or business without the high cost of relocating, expanding, or paying a higher rent. Click here to learn more on how a storage unit in Chicago can help.

These are just a few quick tips for living in Chicago. Do you have a bit of advice you want to give to help those considering relocating here? Let us know in the comments below!