6 Quick Things to Know about San Diego

San Diego is comfortably nestled along the Pacific Coast and offers its residents great climate, ideal job opportunities, and a coastal way of life that can be the envy of many. So much, in fact, that San Diego was among the ranks among the top growing major U.S. cities, bringing in more than a quarter of a million people in the past decade. So, if you’re among the thousands looking to make America’s Finest City your new home, here are six quick things you need to know about life in San Diego.

1. Enjoy that beautiful San Diego weather

Let’s go with the obvious first: the weather is excellent. With its Mediterranean climate and mostly sunny skies, San Diego is a place you can enjoy near daily beautiful weather. It is even officially ranked among the top five U.S. cities with the best weather.

2. Employment opportunities

In early 2020, San Diego had an unemployment of 3.10%. America’s Finest City has jobs in major industries such as tourism, the military & defense industry, as well as tech innovation. In fact, the tech industry alone offers residents roughly 250 acres across the city with free wifi, and it is among the best cities for tech jobs in the country.

3. Getting around San Diego is easy

Unlike some other major cities in California, San Diego is relatively easy to get around. Most people do drive their own cars, and the average commute is only about 25 minutes. That being said, the city is also built as a grid, making it easy to get around by bike or walking. And if you need public transportation, San Diego’s MTS ranks among the best in the country according to WalletHub.

4. Cultural attractions

While a tourist hotspot, there are many things local San Diegans love as well. For instance, the world famous San Diego Zoo is loved by many as one of the top zoos there are. With a vibrant nightlife as well, you can checkout the Gaslamp Quarter for a night out but with San Diego’s signature laid back vibe.

5. Big city, bigger outdoors

While San Diego is one of the largest cities in Los Angeles, it still offers plenty of outdoor activities for you or your family. For example, you can enjoy more than 2,600 acres along the coast at Torrey Pines or you can take a day trip to Big Bear Mountain in the winter to hit the slopes.

6. The cost of living

Not to end on a sour note, but we need to be honest: the cost of living in San Diego is high, among the highest in the country in fact, with housing being a big factor. The median home price is north of $650,000, and the average rent for an apartment is more than $2,200 a month.

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