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Storage for Real Estate Agents

Many real estate agents have to add or remove furniture for home showings. Where are they keeping it when they’re not in use? Many agents use self storage! Find out how else real estate agents are using self storage for their business.
Many interior designers run their business from home. How do they keep their workspace from becoming cluttered with fabrics, furniture, and accent pieces for their clients? Why, in a self storage unit of course! See what a few expert interior designers have to say about it.
Although many health care systems are moving their files over to the computer, some do keep backup hard copies on hand. Surely you’ve seen those shelves upon shelves of files when you go to the doctor’s office. Self storage facilities offer the perfect storing remedy for important files such as these with climate control and advanced security features.
To be a successful contractor, there are a few tips and tricks. A contractor must be dedicated to their business, so here are Storage.com’s eight simple rules for a contractor to live by. 
Store Your Etsy Shop

Store Your Etsy Shop

Store your Etsy Shop with self storage   Etsy is a wonderful community of shops, store owners, and a digital cornucopia of items for people to window shop and order from the leisure their homes—and it’s not a bad place for...
Self-storage units are a space-saving hack, and this goes for individuals and businesses alike. You’re about to see how these handy spaces can support all kinds of businesses, big or small, in surprisingly helpful ways, and how cutting costs...
Looking for the perfect spot to stash your business stuff? It’s a jungle out there with options ranging from units the size of a closet to warehouse storage for small businesses and outdoor spaces big enough for a fleet. Whether...