The Best Paying Cities for Statisticians


Being born and raised alongside the digital age, it’s small wonder that millennials favor becoming statisticians, with SmartAsset naming it the top job for the generation. However, with 44% of statisticians being a millennial, it’s important to find the right place to work and the right place to play afterwards.


Using information provided from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, we at took a look at the top five cities to get paid as a statistician and offer a bit of information on each of these cities and areas.


Greater Bridgeport, Connecticut


The Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk region takes the top spot for getting the highest pay for your statistician job, with an average salary of more than $140,000. That money can be put to good use when it comes to housing too as the median house cost is $163,500—that’s nearly $53,000 less than the national average.


Outside of work, you can enjoy the nightlife at local hotspots such as The Acoustic or M. White Lounge or hit up favorite eats like Hub & Spoke.


San Francisco, California


Would any list involving tech jobs be complete without mentioning a California city? San Francisco and its surrounding communities rank second in USA Wage’s list, with average pay for a statistician being just under $122,000 a year.


San Francisco offers you a beautiful place to live and work, though it is worth noting that the housing market may be tough. Still, for a city where you can get around on a bike year-round, enjoy iconic sites and views, and get in on the ever-growing tech market, why wouldn’t you consider it? Plus, if you’re one of those rogue millennials starting a family, you can checkout nearby communities such as Antioch and Vacaville that are a bit more affordable.


Newark, NJ-PA Metropolitan Division


This area covers Newark, NJ, as well as parts of nearby Pennsylvania. Statisticians in the area can expect to pull in just over $119,000 a year while working in the field.


While this area does cover a lot of land, making it hard to highlight the number of great and easily accessible communities, it’s worth noting the proximity to New York City and its abundant attractions. And while the cost of housing may be high, you can expect savings with lower-than-national-average utility rates and widely used public transportation.


Silver Spring, Maryland


Third on the list sits Silver Spring, MD, a suburb city sitting roughly half an hour directly north of Washington, D.C. Entry level statisticians can pull in about $113,000 a year.


Silver Springs was also named among Niche’s top Maryland suburbs for millennials, and for good reason. Locals love the diverse scene and melting-pot culture, as reflected in Downtown Silver Spring restaurants and coffee shops. Be sure to catch a show at the Fillmore too, which has been bringing in legendary artists for four decades!


Raleigh, North Carolina


Coming in at No. 5 is the City of Oaks, more widely known as Raleigh. Setting up as a statistician on average can get you just under $113,000 a year. This combined with a relatively average cost of living can help you go far here.


Raleigh also boasts a number of high rankings, which include being the top city tech staffers want to live by Geekwire, ranking among the top ten cities for recent graduates by MarketWatch, and even among the top ten coolest places to eat by Forbes.

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