Nestled among the many cities of Palm Springs County in Florida, not far from West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, and Lake Worth, and with direct access to the Atlantic and some amazing beaches sits Boynton Beach.

Are you looking to move to Boynton Beach? Well, then here are four things you to know:

1. Check out Gulfstream Park and Oceanfront Park

Boynton Beach is often recognized for its amazing beaches, and the locals will attest to this as well. For instance, Oceanfront Park has long been Boynton’s main beach. And while it’s great for swimmers and sunbathers alike, keep in mind parking at or near the beach will come at a cost, but that is completely made up for with its concession stands such as the Turtle Café, grills to use, a playground, and other amenities—as well as the chance to see real sea turtles during the nesting period.

Considered more of a “hidden gem”, locals also love Gulfstream Park. It comes with a deck, showers, lifeguards, and a less populated area as well. Oh, and this one comes with free parking!

2. Enjoy Boynton Beach’s diversity

As with many cities, Boynton Beach has seen rapid growth in the past few decades, bringings enjoyable change in the city’s demographics. Roughly half of the city is caucasian, with more than 30% being African American, which is nearly three times the national average. Additionally, nearly 16% of the city’s population is Hispanic or Latino.

3. Know your Boynton neighborhoods

All cities offer residents distinct communities to highlight facets of the overall culture and flavor, and Boynton Beach doesn’t let its residents down in this regard. For instance, the Pelican Beach area will offer you a carefree beachfront lifestyle year around with beach views from nearly every home. Meanwhile, Aspen Glen will provide its residents with a small, tigh-knit neighborhood in a private area.

We encourage you to checkout and explore these Boynton Beach neighborhoods for yourself.

4. The cost of life in Boynton Beach

According to, Boynton Beach does come at a higher cost of living than most cities—both in Florida and in the United States as a whole. True, you will enjoy the state of Florida’s no-income-tax policy, and you’ll see savings in your healthcare costs, but one of the biggest contributors to this high cost of living is the high cost of space.

Boynton Beach holds more than 4,600 people per square mile, which means space comes at a premium. The median home cost is more than $20,000 more than the national median, and a studio apartment is nearly $300 more a month in Boynton. Thankfully, we can help with this last point.

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